Dry salt aerosol therapy is among the main types of effective salt therapy. There are many types of salt therapy. Salt scrubs, salt baths, Himalayan salt inhalers, and lamps are all different forms of salt therapy.

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There are two common types of salt therapy

With the first type of common salt therapy, large blocks of salt are placed into a room. This type of salt therapy isn’t as effective as dry salt aerosol therapy. The salt will evaporate into the room instead of treating the person. The salt particles also become uneven sizes and this causes a weaker treatment. To be properly treated in a room like this, you would have to spend hours in it to only feel a slight effect.

The second common type of salt therapy is a style of wet salt therapy. This style of wet salt therapy is when a saline solution is made to evaporate into the air and then inhaled. This type of salt therapy is more effective than the first type of therapy. But it still doesn’t reach the lungs. This therapy can only reach the nose and mouth. When the salt doesn’t reach the lungs it reduces the amount of mucus breakup that salt therapy can achieve. This is the difference between spending some time at the beach versus spending some time in a dry salt aerosol room.


What is dry salt aerosol therapy?

Dry salt aerosol therapy is a technology in therapy that helps to focus a concentration of salt into the room for clients. For this type of therapy, the salt is heated to a perfect temperature for maximum inhalation. When the salt is heated it allows it to get into deeper crevices of your lungs and of your skin.


What does dry salt aerosol therapy help? Dry salt aerosol therapy focuses on helping the outer parts of the skin. And only parts of the lungs that are affected by a disease. The types of diseases that dry salt aerosol therapy can help treat and heal in specific circumstances are lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and Pulmonary Hypertension.

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Why is dry salt aerosol therapy more effective than other types of salt therapy?

This type of salt therapy is more concentrated than other types of salt therapy. The more concentrated a therapy is the more effective it will be at treating a specific ailment. This type of salt therapy is best for kids. The salt particles that float through a dry salt aerosol room allow your child to get the help he/she needs without the structure of having to sit or be in one area for long periods of time.


Like all therapies, dry salt aerosol therapy heals the most when it is done constantly. At this level of salt concentration, one should one attend therapy for 15 to 30 minutes. Although the time isn’t as long as other types of salt therapy this level of salt concentration is great for the skin and the lungs.