Feeling as you should doesn’t have to feel impossible thanks to this source of help.

They say where the mind goes, the body follows. That could actually be expanded even further to
“where your mind goes, the rest of your life follows”. Your mental health impacts your body, profession,
relationships with others, and can even make a difference in your long-term future. You take care of
your body with exercise, healthy food, and supplements. For your mind, positive people, reaffirming
what is good in your life, and avoiding negativity all can lead to overall improved mental health.

The biggest and most prevalent option that people turn to is medication prescribed by doctors. The
issue with this is that patients either become dependent on that medication or it can get very expensive.
There are also side effects that come with many of these forms of medicine that actually make the
person taking them uncomfortable in other ways.
There is another option you can help yourself when faced with those inevitable challenges like
depression, anxiety, or even if you face issues like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). You could
supplement with some form of Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a chemical that is found and extracted from
cannabis that has been discovered to have positive impact on our health in several different ways. CBD
use is growing rapidly within the mental health community and the science is starting to offer validity to
that popularity.

What the Research Says

A systematic review was published in 2020 that looked into how CBD can affect people struggling with
psychiatric disorders. While further research is suggested, one conclusion was reached that there was
encouraging evidence that CBD could positively benefit people who are struggling with anxiety, high
levels of stress, and other mental health issues.
Another review posted in the Journal of Cannabis Research found that CBD was “helpful in alleviating
psychotic symptoms and cognitive impairment in patients with a variety of conditions, and several
studies provided evidence of effectiveness in the treatment of cannabis withdrawal and moderate to
severe cannabis use disorder with Grade B recommendation.”

Furthermore, CBD has been found to enhance your mood thanks to a study conducted in 2011. Damage
to the hippocampus in the brain is what is connected to several mental health issues. The result is a
compromised ability to control how you’re feeling and the consequential reactions. CBD can help boost
serotonin levels and improve the health of the hippocampus, which can lead to improved mood and
more controlled mental health responses.

Which Form is for You?

So now that you know that CBD could potentially impact your mental health in a positive way, how
should you begin use of it? There are several forms of CBD products including creams, oils, and
tinctures. Another form of CBD comes in the form of bath salts.

Using bath salts can provide all of the benefits mentioned above and more. Using bath salts can help
improve your sleep, elevate mood, soothe irritated skin, and relieve muscular tension. All of those can
be affected as a result of your mental health state.