This time of year doesn’t have to take a toll on you.

Summer is passing by and autumn is approaching a day at a time. That means it’s almost time for the
start of another school year. The kids, college students, and even parents always feel mixed emotions
this time of year. The common feeling they all have is the stress that comes with it. Dealing with this
stress can make the entire transition and process go a lot smoother.

Halotherapy is a Solution

Halotherapy, or salt therapy, can serve as a method to help maintain your child’s health. One study
published in 2017 showed beneficial treatment for asthma with children aged 5 through 13 when they
were placed in a salt room with a halogenerator. Other research conducted in 2014 concluded that
halotherapy triggered anti-inflammatory responses which resulted in a decrease of the body’s sensitivity
to infections.

So what does this mean for your students? When kids start school, they will be joined by other children
that have been in different areas. That means the chances of infection and illnesses increase for
everyone. Halotherapy can be a preemptive strike against those infections. That means the children will
be healthier and less likely to miss school.

Allergy Relief

Another issue that many children, teachers, and parents deal with every fall are allergies. Stuffy noses,
coughs, and eye irritation are among the most notable systems. This combined with other virus
concerns means your child could be asked to stay home if those allergies flare up. These allergies also
could compromise your immune system.

The above research also concludes that halotherapy can provide overall support to your respiratory
system. Clear respiratory passages means you’ll be less likely to suffer from any of those symptoms that
may raise concerns by the local school and health officials.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Everyone that has a role in students going back to school deal with another issue besides physical
ailments – stress. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents all have their own issues during this
time of year, but they all feel some form of stress and anxiety as a result.

This is why that self-care is vital during this time of year. One study with medical students concluded
that self-care can lead to a decrease in stress levels and an overall improvement in quality of life.
Halotherapy has been a form of self-care that has been used for stress relief going back over a century.
The first salt therapy resort was opened in 1839 in Poland.

The Salt Scene provides halotherapy services for adults and children. Our rooms and beds can help you
prepare your bodies for the beginning of school as well help alleviate the symptoms associated with
stress. This attention to self-care can go a long way in helping you start the new school year on the right

foot. If you’re interested in learning more about trying halotherapy for yourself, contact us today for
more information and to set up an appointment.