You don’t have to stay up and struggle to rest thanks to this compound.


How many times have you had to deal with this? It’s bed time. You’re exhausted and been looking
forward to turning in for the last several hours. You go through your evening routine, go to bed, hit the
lights, and all of a sudden your mind starts racing with everything you faced during the day. Your
schedule for tomorrow is right there in the front of your mind, and you even start asking yourself
strange questions like how a dragon could blow out birthday candles. Next thing you know, you’re wide
awake and couldn’t go to sleep if someone offered you money to. You can be lying in total darkness and
place yourself in the most relaxing position possible, and still you can’t doze off.

This doesn’t have to be the case for you. There are medicines out there that help with this but many of
those come with side effects that also aren’t wanted. Fortunately, research is coming out that shows
that Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, can serve as the sandman for you to drift off to sleep.


For those that may not know, CBD is the phytocannabinoid compound that has seen a boom in
popularity for its many benefits. CBD is extracted from cannabis and made available in several forms for
a variety of purposes including pain relief, recovery from exercise, anxiety disorders, stress alleviation,
and yes, sleep quality.

Science Verifies

Many people who struggle with sleep do so as a result of anxiety. A case series was published in 2019
that gave the practice of CBD use credibility when it comes to anxiety and rest. 72 test subjects, with
ages ranging from 18 to 72 that were struggling with anxiety, were involved with this series. Within the
first month, 57 of the 72 reported decreases in anxiety scores and they stayed decreased going forward.
48 of the patients reported improvements in sleep as well. The study concluded that there were no
safety issues with CBD use.

The research didn’t stop there. Medical News Today reported on another investigation that featured a
comparison of 160 mg of CBD when compared to a placebo. The CBD dosage increased the duration of
sleep. So not only will CBD help you go to sleep, but you will sleep longer. The result of that can be you
waking up refreshed and energized to take on the next day.

CBD Salts Can Help

There are several forms of CBD available but one form that is helping many people reap the rewards it
offers is in the form of salt baths. Instead of taking CBD in oral form, it’s absorbed in through the skin
thanks to its CB2 receptors. Thanks to the heat of the bath and those receptors, CBD can help with skin
irritation, muscle pain relief, and alleviate stress. All of those result in you being more likely to drift off to
sleep and not wake up until your alarm sounds the next day.