Make the most out of your time in a salt room.

Halotherapy is growing in popularity because of all the ways that it helps people improve wellness,
recover from various symptoms of illnesses, relieve stress, and increases the body’s ability to relax. You
may know by now that halotherapy is when you sit in a salt room and breathe in the salty air for an
extended period of time. That part is simple, but is there anything you should do before you come to a
halotherapy appointment? What about after you leave? There are a few different things you can do
before and after your session to help you maximize the effectiveness of that session.

Before You Arrive

There are few things you could do before going to a halotherapy appointment. First, you should drink
plenty of water before your appointment. Depending on the time of the day you go, take in anywhere
from a quart to a half-gallon of water. This is 32-64 ounces, depending on the time of day. There is a
dehydrating effect from being in a salt room or salt cave. So being well hydrated at the beginning of the
day will be helpful.

Secondly, right before your appointment, take a shower if possible. Having clean skin from a warm
shower will prepare your skin to take in the air through the pores. When taking this shower, pay extra
attention to your feet. You will be given booties to wear to protect the floors from bacteria, but this
little extra detail can make a difference as well.

You should also know that you won’t be able to take anything in the room with you. So make sure you
have nothing else pressing on your agenda, and let any important people know that during the time of
your appointment, you won’t be available. This not only clears your mind before you go, but also can
minimize any unnecessary stress being placed on you as soon as you leave because of anything you
missed while you were in your session.

After the Session Ends

So now that your session has concluded, what do you do to keep the positive benefits going? First, drink
some water as soon as you leave. A 16 ounce bottle would be a good start to getting you feeling
hydrated again. Second, prepare for a slight cough or sinus drainage. No, the salt didn’t make you sick.
It’s actually doing what it’s intended to do, help you get the unnecessary bacteria and toxins out of your

After about an hour or so, eat a light and healthy meal so you can take in nutrients to support the work
that the salt is doing already. You won’t see immediate and intense results from one session, but the salt
is doing its job and the vitamins and minerals from natural food sources could provide their own

Now that you’re more aware of what to do around a halotherapy session, it’s time for you to book an
appointment. Reach out to us at the Salt Scene today by calling us or going to to
book that first appointment today.