Perhaps it can help improve your quality of life.

There has been a new compound that has dominated headlines in recent years because of how people
are using it. It also has been met with apprehension because of what it has been associated with. All of
the conversations on either side have centered around three letters; C, B, and D.
What is CBD?

CBD is the shortened form of the word “cannabidiol”. It’s one of the cannabinoids discovered in
cannabis plants. CBD actually accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. Because of its source, some
detractors feel apprehension against it because they compare it to the use of marijuana. However, the
results that people feel from that is attributed to THC. The CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and
has no intoxicating effects.

CBD has seen great exposure and a boom in popularity over the last decade but the chemical
compound’s research actually goes back to 1940 when it was discovered in Minnesota. Among its most
common uses in recent years is the relief of anxiety and insomnia. It’s also used for treatment of chronic
pain and as a form of recovery from intense labor or other physical activities.

Mental Health

A major breakthrough for CBD came in 2015. A study was done that concluded that CBD use could help
with a variety of mental health issues including social anxiety, PTSD, and Seasonal Anxiety Disorder,
among others. This benefit could transfer to other aspects of life including overall wellness and work-
related stress response.

CBD Forms

CBD can currently be found on the market in the form of oils and in teas. CBD is also used in the form of
tinctures. The CBD is distilled under 60-70% alcohol. They’re also mixed with glycerin or cinnamon or
peppermint oil. The CBD amounts in tinctures are low but they have a longer shelf life and have a higher
bioavailability when compared to the oil version. Tinctures could contain other ingredients like vitamins,
herbs, water, and even melatonin. While oils can be vaped, tinctures can be mixed into foods thanks to
its alcohol base. This form of the product has also helped people improve quality of sleep.

Topical CBD

CBD is also available in the form of topical creams, oils, and sprays. You can even find CBD roll-on
products. Topical versions are preferred by some customers because of how it can be applied directly to
the area in need.

CBD is an antioxidant so it can protect the skin from UV rays, smoke, and pollutants in the environment.
Use of CBD topical products can protect the skin from free radicals so it can decrease the effects of
aging. Athletes have used CBD topical products like creams to help improve recovery from exercise and
enhance the health of joints. Some athletes have also found benefits to using it before they start their
sessions to improve performance and establish a base for that post-workout application.

While initial concerns may be raised about CBD use, the conclusion is clear. CBD can be a great ally in
both your mental and physical health. Topical versions and tinctures may be the best options for initial
use as well as for faster and overall better results.