With the amount of stress in our everyday lives, it’s a miracle that we ever get a moment of relief. While a hot bath and a cup of tea can work wonders, it’s not really a beneficial solution for the long term.

The explosion of popularity in the health and wellness has brought about many treatments for conditions like chronic fatigue, stress, and anxiety. One of these treatments is called “halotherapy”, which originated in Poland sometime in the twelfth century. Derived from the Greek word for “salt”, halotherapy has made a resurgence as one of the most popular methods for de-stressing. while simultaneously improving the health of your lungs.

Sit Back, Relax, & Breathe

Undergoing a halotherapy session is easy- you really only need to sit back, relax, and breathe. Many halotherapy sites have the option of one or two salt rooms where you will go in and inhale breathable salt particles. These salt particles enter your airway and are said to have a “balancing” effect on the body and mind. Being that salt naturally tends to have a negative ionic charge, its forces balance an excess of positive ions in our bodies and neutralize our energy levels.

Salt therapy for stress and anxiety is not only effective in treating adults, it works fantastically  for children, too. The calming properties of salt pose no health risks or negative side effects, and provide almost instant relief. Make halotherapy a family event and watch as everyone’s health improves!

Make it Social

If you’re nervous to do your salt session alone, many halotherapy spots offer group halotherapy sessions by appointment. Call up some friends and let your time in the salt room become an opportunity to catch up and de-stress- all while experiencing the healing effects of salt therapy!

While the therapeutic effects of salt undoubtedly aid the health of your body, halotherapy is invaluable when it comes to mental healthcare as well. Taking a moment of your day to relax and unplug from the noise of social media is something we just don’t seem to do nowadays. Even at the gym it’s not likely you’ll see anyone without headphones in and their phones in their hand between exercises. Even if your salt room session only takes an hour of your day, sitting in a peaceful atmosphere has a meditative quality that is sure to clear your head of all your anxieties.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Another amazing way that a salt therapy session can quell your anxiety is through its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Inhaling salt not only cleanses your airways, it may also decrease the odds you pick up a cold or suffer from allergies when the season hits. When your body is able to run at peak performance, it’s almost a given that your mind will follow.

To sum it all up, halotherapy is a great way to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and fatigue. Without the side effects of medication and the heavy  costs of a therapist, you may find it is the missing ingredient to you wellness routine. So if you feel like you could use a little time to rejuvenate, consider salt therapy the answer you’ve been waiting for!