We all want to instantly feel better when we are sick or when we are getting hit with a tough day/week/month of bad allergies. But are there any ways to stop this annoyance from happening or lessen it almost immediately? Salt therapy is a great way to keep your body healthy and help with the relief of most illnesses.


What Is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy is a natural and drug-free therapy where a room is mimicking the climate and air of a salt cave. This type of therapy is also known as halotherapy.


With salt therapy, dry salt air is released into a small enclosed room through a unique generator. This is called a halo-generator. A halo-generator breaks the salt into small breathable particles that enter the body through the nasal cavity, mouth, and skin. This type of treatment is used for purposes like being an antibacterial, being an anti-inflammatory, it can help to remove immune system oversensitivity, it can help to loosen excessive mucus, and it can help to remove pathogens in it to help throughout the healing process.


What Are The Salt Therapy Side Effects?

For most people, there are no major side effects experienced when they go through a salt therapy session. Although for some there may be some small side effects associated with going into a session. The side effects that can occur are:


  • Scratchy throat
  • Tickle in the throat
  • Pressure in their sinuses
  • Runny nose
  • Cold symptoms
  • Minor skin irritation (These will go away after two to three sessions)


Although these side effects may seem scary they are all apart of the therapy session. These are all reactions to the salt clearing out of your body. These side effects are normal. It is especially effective if you are feeling the body loosening up the mucus inside of your respiratory system. This means that the salt is reaching the deepest part and helping to diminish any inflammatory properties in your body.


Salt therapy should not be practiced if you are suffering from Infections associated with a fever, Contagious diseases, Respiratory system cancers, Tuberculosis, Cardiac disease patients, Acute respiratory disease, Severe hypertension, and Chronic obstructive lung diseases due to the side effects that may occur with these diseases.


Are There Risks To Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy can carry risks but it depends on the level of sickness that the person may be going through. Like all new therapies, it is important to do your research before making the appointment to see if you are a good candidate.


It is important to continually go to therapy sessions if you want to see the best result with salt therapy. Salt therapy’s natural qualities can be good for infants, babies, children, adults and even the elderly but if you are worried about your condition to make sure to check with your doctor before making an appointment for your session. If you have any questions contact the salt therapy experts at the Salt Scene Orlando for more information on salt therapy.