What is salt therapy?

There are many different forms of salt therapy. Traditionally salt therapy happens in a special facility that is made for the salt to treat you the best way possible. Salt therapy is a natural therapy that has been practiced for centuries. Salt therapy involves breathing in, rubbing or being around salt to enhance the healing effects on your body.


home Salt-Therapy-at-your-Home-room-Salt-SceneSalt therapy in a salt room involves relaxing in a specially made room that is filled with ground salt particles made by a halo-generator. This is a form of dry salt therapy where it is void of any type of moisture. This type of therapy is easier to keep concentrated because it is traditionally done in a controlled environment.


Can I do it at home and how?

Can you do salt therapy at home? Yes! There are many different ways that you can have your own salt paradise. Salt therapy at home can be more convenient for you and work better for your body. Since salt therapy is best when it is done on a consistent basis, performing salt therapy at home can be more beneficial to those with a packed lifestyle. Wet salt therapy is the easiest to perform while you are at home. Common types of wet salt therapy include saline solutions, neti-pots, gargling solutions, salt baths, and salt scrubs.


Salt therapy is easy, here are some tips to creating the best salt therapy at home!


home Salt-Therapy-at-your-lamp-Salt-SceneYou Can Use A Himalayan Salt Lamp.

A Himalayan salt lamp is a great way to get salt therapy anywhere in your home or office. These lamps are great because they can help to boost air quality, help your moods and are good for the environment.


You Can Use A Salt Scrub.

Salt scrubs are a great way to have salt therapy at home. Use a salt scrub on your body to help clear up any unwanted scars, pimples or other skin irritations like Dermatitis.


home Salt-Therapy-at-your-Home-bath-Salt-SceneYou Can Take A Salt Bath.

Salt baths have many benefits. Using a salt bath can not only help your skin but can also help your breathing. Since the salt is being pushed into the air from the water the particles are able to reach lower parts of your respiratory system and clear out anything that is bothering you.


You Can Have A Salt Inhaler.

Salt inhalers are similar to a salt lamp but these actually produce more salt in a specific area than the lamps do. Salt therapy at home can be easy with a salt inhaler because when you put it in a room (like a bathroom) and have the door shut it can fill the room like a real salt room.


home Salt-Therapy-at-your-Home-salt-shaker-Salt-SceneYou Can Use Himalayan Salt In Your Food.

Pink salt or Himalayan salt is made from rock crystals of salt that are usually mined from the Himalayas. This ingredient is a great addition to your diet because it can help with any part of your daily life. Himalayan salt can help decrease your blood pressure and can even help with sleep and migraines.


No matter what type of salt therapy you prefer, salt therapy is best when it is done or used on a consistent basis. Make sure to visit your local salt rooms or salt caves to receive all the healing benefits that can be offered to you through dry salt therapy.