Having health issues is something everyone has to tackle at some point in their lives, but living with respiratory system issues isn’t. When it comes to Emphysema many suffer without knowing that there is a natural way that may be able to relieve some of the pain. Salt therapy is a great natural way to help treat your Emphysema.


What is Emphysema?

Emphysema is a type of lung condition that causes shortness of breath or makes it difficult to breathe during any time of the day. When you have Emphysema you have damaged air sacs that can be found within your lungs. These sacs are called alveoli. When these are damaged it causes air to become trapped when you are exhaling, which leaves trapped air inside of your lungs making it almost impossible to breathe in the fresh air.


What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy is a natural therapy where salt enters your body through your skin or nasal cavity and helps to stop irritations that could be happening. There are many different forms of salt therapy. Traditionally salt therapy happens in a special facility that is made for the salt to treat you the best way possible.


What Kind Of Salt Therapy Can Help?

There are two main ways of using salt therapy for any ailment. Those are wet and dry salt therapy.


With wet salt therapy, it is commonly done at home and commonly includes things like saline solutions, neti-pots, gargling solutions, salt baths, and salt scrubs. Wet salt can only reach parts of the nose, mouth, skin, and part of the throat but will never be able to reach the deepest parts of your lungs.


With dry salt therapy (or otherwise known as halotherapy) traditionally this is done in a room or facility that specializes in salt therapy. Salt rooms or salt caves are areas where small salt is ground up into breathable particles, which is then ingested or inhaled by the participant. This type of concentration makes it easier for those who choose to participate in it, to get the salt into the deepest parts of their lungs as well as their skin.


When it comes to treating your Emphysema, dry salt therapy or halotherapy could be more beneficial.


Can It Be Done At Home?

Any type of salt therapy can be done at home, but depending on the type of therapy can also change the outcome. Primarily wet salt therapy should be done at home to help treat your Emphysema. It is important to remember when you are doing a salt bath to make sure the door is shut. When you close the door the salt particles are able to recycle throughout the room and create a small at home salt room.


Are There Any Risks?

Like all therapies, there could be risks involved. The important thing to do before trying salt therapy for your Emphysema is to make sure and speak with your doctor.


The best way to see the benefits of salt therapy is to have continual sessions booked. If you are looking for more information regarding salt therapy and your Emphysema make sure to contact your doctor as well as reaching out to the experts at The Salt Scene Orlando!