We all want to spend our days on the beach soaking in that salt air. The best part is feeling better when you are breathing in the salt air. Another great way to keep this feeling is by going to a salt cave. But what is a salt cave and what are the benefits?


A salt cave is exactly what it sounds like.  It can be a natural salt cave or even a man-made cave that is entirely made up of salt. It is usually made up of Himalayan Salt but can also be made up of dead sea salt. Salt caves are made to give you the best physical and mental health benefits. Some of the benefits of participating in a salt cave are:


  1. It can help you with your breathing: Salt caves are a great alternative to help with any ailments that involve your respiratory system. The negative ions that are found in salt particles are what is said to help your breathing. They can help to purify the air and also to help increase the lung capacity that you have. Other positive effects that salt caves can have on your respiratory system are helping to reduce inflammation and lessen the mucus that is in your system. Using salt caves for your respiratory system can also help you out during cold and flu season. Salts are a great way to help because they are antifungal and they also have anti-virus properties.
  2. It can also help your skin to look better. Salt caves can have up to 81 different types of minerals in the salt particles that are found in the room. This helps to maximize the nourishment that your body is receiving. Salt therapy is also great to help with your relaxation which can help with things like stress wrinkles. You would think that being in a room made of salt, your skin would dry out more but instead it is quite the opposite. The natural elements found in Himalayan salt help with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. These can help with problems like eczema.
  3. It can help with your mental health. Using salt caves is a great way to boost your mood and cure the blues. Once session in a salt cave is the equivalent to the two days at the beach. This is why it is a great mood booster. The negative ions that are already helping your breathing are what is also helping your mood. The negative ions help to give you more energy which can also help you sleep more. All of this helping to boost your mood.
  4. It can help you unplug. Using salt caves can help you to relax and to help you feel less stressed or anxious.


No matter what type of salt therapy you prefer, salt therapy is best when it is done or used on a consistent basis. Make sure to visit your local salt rooms or salt caves to receive all the healing benefits that can be offered to you through salt therapy.