By: Dr. David Orman
The Salt Scene

There is an old adage which states that we should dig the well prior to the onset of thirst. In other words, one can never prepare too early. With that in mind, though summer is in full swing, the next school session is not too far away. With that comes the hustle and bustle of getting the kids ready, driving to football or soccer, checking their class work and certainly not least, making sure they are as healthy as possible. The latter typically does not rank high on the scale for most kids but occupies the top slot for parents. Eating healthy, getting exercise, hydrating, sessions at the Salt Scene, and others are some of the topics on the “must-do” list.

I would suggest adding another key factor. The use of the herb Astragalus. Astragalus (pronounced, “a-STRAG-uh-luss”) has an long history of being one of the most potent immune boosting substances known. In its raw food, it looks like a yellow-gold tongue depressor. Most of the time, people take in capsule or liquid tincture form. Sometimes teas but the first two are much more potent. Astragulus does many things including:

1. Acts an an anti-inflammatory substance. Inflammation correlates strongly with disease; that is when inflammation is present, disease is or will soon follow. As such, clearing it leads to health.

2. Astragalus has been studied progressively as an anti-diabetic. Studies show its ability to relieve insulin resistance and treat diabetes naturally.

3. Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, astragalus has a long history of treating wounds. Also helps in reducing scaring.

4. Astragalus has been used to treat chronic asthma and determined to be a successful supplemental therapy and asthma natural remedy.

Those characteristics are great but here is the star of the show. Astragalus is the best known substance to elevate the immune system and prevent colds, allergies, the flu etc. There is no better substance. Here is how it works. In Natural Medicine, the immune system is said to have 4 layers, kind of like a cake. The top layer prevents problems as much as possible. When it cannot, the 2nd layer does that job and so forth. Astragalus strengthens the top layer (known as the Wei Chi [pronounced “way- chee]) and thus serves as a Coat of Armor against virus, bacteria and other pathogens.

ONE WORD OF CAUTION: Never take Astragalus if you currently have a cold or the flu. It will “trap” the pathogen in the system, making it difficult for the body to get rid of it. Other than that, there are no side effects. And, it is inexpensive. Local health stores will sell Astragalus for around $12 a bottle, which lasts 2 months. Ask any health provider and they will tell you that treatment for individuals can be difficult at times. Conversely, ask any heath provider OR any healthy person and each will tell you the key to overall health and wellness – Prevention.