Salt therapy also known as halotherapy is a natural type of therapy that can improve many aspects of your health.  Popping up across major cities are salt rooms or caves and salt therapy. Salt therapy has many benefits not only breathing but energy, sleep, blood flow and increased proficiency in sports training.


This type of therapy is when salt crystals are ground into particles and are released into the air of a man-made room or are already in the air natural salt cave. The process in this type of therapy is similar in a man-made salt room and in a natural salt cave. The salt particles that have been ground up are inhaled through the mouth and nostrils. This helps coat the nostrils, esophagus and the deepest parts of the lungs. This provides a natural way to absorb the edema from the mucosa lining in your airways.

Safe and natural

Salt rooms or caves are a safe form of therapy because they are 100% natural and drug-free. This is a great way to relieve your body of the toxins that prescription drugs can leave behind. The best way to use salt therapy to treat your asthma is with the prescribed items you use in your daily asthma routines. Salt therapy can not only be effective for asthma but also for dry sinuses. Also, ear infection symptoms in adults, and other types of asthma induced allergies.


After a continuous set of sessions in a salt room or salt cave it is proven that you will begin to feel better. When attending salt rooms or salt caves it is best to make sure that you are doing it on a consistent basis. This is the best way to see the effects take place within your body. Those with asthma see a difference in their breathing due to the salt particles that enter their systems. The salt particles help to clean out toxins. Which can get caught in your nostrils, esophagus and the deepest parts of the lungs during any time of day. The salt particles that are released into these salt rooms and caves can also help clear airways that have become partially constricted.

Asthma Himalayan salt lamp - Salt Scene

At home

A great way to have a little salt therapy at home can also be through a Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps are designed to increase air quality. They can purify the air in your home of toxins. Which is also a great and effective way to clear up any types of breathing constrictions like asthma, fall seasonal allergies, and even the common cold. Due to the Himalayan salt lamp clearing the air and making your asthma better it will also help you sleep. The less trouble you have breathing at night, the better the sleep you can get.


Overall salt therapy is safe and can be beneficial. It is effective for those that suffer from asthma due to the cleaning effects that they have on the air in your home and on your nostrils, esophagus and the deepest parts of the lungs.