Can it provide relief for you?

Having a sore throat is never fun, and it can be quite burdensome. You have trouble talking, swallowing
food, and drinking anything can hurt. So any form of relief for this would be welcome by anyone
suffering from it. It could be caused by allergies, dryness of the air you breathe for an extended time, or
muscle strain from coughing or screaming. Regardless of why you’re dealing with it, there’s one form of
relief that can help you with sore throat as well as other issues that may be associated with it.

Why Halo Therapy

Halo therapy, or salt therapy, is a treatment where you breathe in salty air. In most cases, this practice
takes place at a spa or specific salt rooms. There are several reasons for going through halo therapy
sessions, but let’s focus on the sore throat specifically.


If your sore throat is caused by coughing or issues with your allergies, then bacteria will stay in the
throat area which is what leads to that irritation. When you’re in a halotherapy session, the microscopic
salt particles that are in the air travel through your nose and mouth, down into your throat and lungs.
Once it arrives there, it will destroy any bacteria. Once this happens, the inflammation can be reduced
and the pathways open. As a result, breathing can be easier, and it will be less painful to swallow.
On a side note, the salt particles can also loosen mucus and provide extra relief for bronchial issues. If
you’re coughing less, then your throat won’t have to work as hard. Since it won’t have to deal with the
coughing, it will have even more time to recover.

Muscle Strain

If you’re someone who has to raise the voice a lot, like a singer or someone who works outside in a loud
environment, then you may have a sore throat as well due to muscle strain. While you can see benefits
from halo therapy like those above, there’s more to know.

The muscle strains can be caused by a lack of muscular endurance. Halo therapy can help your normal
breathing patterns and improve overall lung function. Furthermore, it helps rejuvenate sore muscles.
The increase in oxygen you’ll see from these sessions can help improve your recovery. That extra oxygen
can help minimize soreness after intense work had been performed. All of that combined with a good
night’s rest will result in improved function of the throat area with a decrease in pain.


So can halo therapy help with sore throats? The answer is yes, it can. Whether you’re dealing with
allergies, struggling after intense exercise or work, or are looking for a preventative routine to keep you
feeling healthy and well, contact us here at the Salt Scene so you can see for yourself all the benefits
that halo therapy has to offer.