Halotherapy or salt therapy is one of the best natural ways to clear harmful toxins and bacteria that are hidden inside our bodies.  Many benefits other than treating asthma and similar respiratory problems can be taken from halotherapy. Decades of experience and recent research have revealed the salt therapy can benefit and improve your skin, your sleeping habits, your immune system, and even your mental health.

Skin - Salt Scene


Halotherapy or salt therapy can be quite beneficial for the skin. Facial and body salt-scrubs have been part of cosmetics and daily beautification for centuries.  Salt is an efficient and natural way to keep your skin glowing, healthy, and clean. Historically, halotherapy has been beneficial in treating a wide variety of skin ailments such as acne, dermatitis, seborrhea, psoriasis, and eczema. The anti-bacterial environment of a salt room is responsible for these skin-related benefits.  The anti-bacterial atmosphere experienced during halotherapy removes bacteria and toxins which promote those ailments.

Sleeping - Salt Scene


Due to its relaxing effects, salt therapy can be quite beneficial to your going to (and staying) asleep. It is a natural way to relax your body before you go to bed. Also, the benefits with breathing that halotherapy offers will help you get a more restful night’s sleep.  Being able to breathe more easily without constricted airways will also help reduce snoring. This reduction in snoring can also help you get a better night’s sleep and can help you to reach deep REM sleep.

Mental Health - Salt Scene

Mental Health

There are numerous reasons for mental health problems.  Usually, mental health issues are multi-dimensional, and may have many subtle overlays.  Rarely is the problem from a single source.  The best course of action is to address some of the things contributing to the problem. The many benefits of halotherapy can have a cumulative effect on your mental health.  Often, just addressing nagging sleep problems or reducing headaches can have a profound effect on clarity of thought, outlook, and general well-being.  The salt room can also help reduce stress while increasing your energy level and treating elements of depression and anxiety.

Immune System and Colds - Salt Scene

Immune System & Colds

Clearing toxins from the body is one of the best ways to fight the common cold or even dry sinuses. This makes use of the antibacterial qualities of salt therapy. The microscopic salt particles inhaled during halotherapy can reduce the harmful bacteria and pathogens that cause the common cold or dry sinuses. Halotherapy can also help your immune system.  Fighting bacteria associated with the common cold or sinus issues can help increase the strength and effectiveness of your immune system.

Respiratory System - Salt Scene

Respiratory System

Halotherapy has, perhaps, the greatest impact on the respiratory system. Research continues to support halotherapy as being effective for treating various problems in the respiratory system.  Because it is inhaled while you breathe, it can penetrate into the deepest parts of your lungs. The microscopic salt particles released into the salt room relieve the symptoms of allergies and asthma. The particles enter your lungs through your mouth and nasal cavity and find their way into the deep lung tissue.  The microscopic salt particles form an anti-bacterial barrier on the walls of your lungs.  This barrier will help you breathe more easily by loosening the constrictions in your airways.


Beyond healing the respiratory system, halotherapy is also beneficial for other parts of the body. The convenience and simplicity of salt room therapy makes it even more attractive.  Just by sitting in the salt room environment you can benefit by simply breathing.  Most clients spend their sessions reading, listening to music or audiobooks, or even working on their laptops.  If done on a consistent basis it can benefit your body, mind, and spirit.  Visit your local salt therapy room if you are interested in experiencing halotherapy. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor to determine if the salt room experience could benefit you.



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