From time to time we have all experienced the scariness that can be hives. Although some of us suffer from hives more often than others. There are many prescription and over the counter medications that can help with hives, but wouldn’t it be better to be able to stop taking those medications and have a natural way to fight your hives? Salt therapy is a natural and drug-free way to help fight your hives.


What are hives?

Hives are a type of skin irritation that appears as various types of skin welts or red irritation areas. Hives are typically considered to be an outbreak of swollen skin with pale red bumps. Hives are often caused by allergens, bites or allergic reactions to food and prescriptions.


What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy or halotherapy is a simple, drug-free, natural therapy where salt enters your body. During salt therapy, you traditionally sit in a salt room. Salt rooms are man-made rooms where salt is broken up into breathable particles via a halogenerator. During your therapy session, you will sit in the room and relax, allowing the salt to soak into your skin and be breathed into your respiratory system.


What are the benefits of using salt therapy for your hives?

There are many benefits of using salt therapy for your hives due to the healing benefits that salt actually have. The acting benefits that salt has are it acts as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, it can loosen the excessive mucus and speed up the transport of the mucus, it can remove pathogens and it can strengthen your immune system.

Salt therapy can help with hives because it will help to reach the deepest parts of the skin and clear out the irritations that are causing the hives. The antibacterial properties that are found in salt help to keep your body cleaner and healthier.  Along with hives salt therapy can help with different skin irritations like Rosacea, Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne, and even Psoriasis.

Although salt therapy is traditionally done in a salt room it can also be practiced at home. Practicing wet salt therapy at home could be beneficial to your hives. Wet salt therapy can be anything from saline solutions to salt scrubs. The most beneficial form of wet salt therapy for your hives would be salt scrubs or a salt bath. When doing a salt bath it is important to make sure that the door is closed, because it is a great way to create a salt room while taking your salt bath.


Is salt therapy safe to practice with your hives?

Yes, but like all therapies, there can be risks involved with the therapy. Salt therapy is best used when it is happening in conjunction with your normal medications. Now that you know there are options for your hives, what are the best ways to find salt therapy? That is easy, just make sure to reach out to your current doctor or a salt therapy specialist before starting. Call the specialists at Salt Scene Orlando to see what they can offer to help you with.