Salt rooms or caves and salt therapy are popping up across major cities. Salt therapy also known as halotherapy is a natural and drug-free therapy that involves the breakage of salt crystals.


What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy is a natural type of therapy that can improve many aspects of your health. With salt therapy, dry salt air is released into a small enclosed room, this is to mimic a salt cave. These breathable particles enter your body through your respiratory system and your skin to help treat different ailments.


What are the benefits of salt therapy for different heart conditions?

There are a lot of different heart conditions but they all have to be treated differently. With some heart conditions, you can use salt therapy as a form of treatment. Some heart conditions that may be helped by going to a salt therapy session are high blood pressure, hypertension, stress-related arrhythmias, and even stress cardiomyopathy.


Many may think that adding salt into a healing regime for high blood pressure but salt therapy is actually a great way to help relieve it. This is because salt acts as an anti-bacterial and as an anti-inflammatory. With dry salt therapy, it is different than consuming salt. Salt therapy is inhaling a dry salt aerosol which only enters your respiratory system and not your digestion tract. The salt particles that you inhale are so fine that even if you were to eat any amount of it it would not pose a risk to your health.


As well as high blood pressure, salt therapy can also help with hypertension. Salt therapy helps to reduce and remove the toxins that are in your body that are causing pain or sickness. Salt therapy can also be beneficial for high blood pressure and hypertension because salt therapy helps you to relax. This can help decrease your chance of a heart attack or stroke.


When it comes to using salt therapy for your stress-related arrhythmias it is important to remember to keep calm and work through each session. The negative ions that come from salt can help your body reduce stress and support better moods. These particles are said to help increase serotonin. Salt therapy can help calm our stress because of the negative ions that are released through the salt. When you are able to reduce your stress you may be able to see a reduction in your stress-related arrhythmias.


Stress cardiomyopathy is also known as “broken heart syndrome” is when your heart muscle is weak due to things like stress.


Are there risks involved with this type of therapy?

Salt therapy can involve risks when it comes to those with heart conditions. Like most therapy, salt therapy is not a therapy to replace your prescription medications. It is best done when it is used in conjunction with your prescription medications.


Salt therapy works best with any ailment when it is done continually. If you want more information on if this therapy will work for you to make sure to reach out to your doctor and your local salt therapy experts at Salt Scene Orlando.