De-stress and focus so you can handle your business.

There is a popular phrase about the brain. “Where the mind goes, the body follows.” The health of your
brain is absolutely vital if you want to live a healthy life. Your wellness, mindset, business life, and social
life all are impacted by your brain.

There are many different things you can do to help your brain. Aside from positive phrases, foods you
eat, and exercise, there are other ways you can help your physical brain. You can also improve your
mind so you feel more capable and prepared to take on the day that lies ahead. One way that is growing
in popularity because of its effectiveness is halotherapy, or salt therapy.
“What is sitting in a room going to do for me?” It’s not that you’re sitting in a room. The room is filled
with salt-filled air that has the capabilities of improving the health of your brain and elevating your

Physical Brain Boost

The most popular benefit of halotherapy is its ability to improve your respiratory system. Thanks to the
anti-inflammatory properties as well as its abilities to transport mucus out of the passages, you will be
able to take in greater levels of oxygen. The brain requires around three milliliters of oxygen per minute
for every 100 grams of brain tissue per minute. So any improvement is a great value.
It also helps improve overall blood flow. Blood isn’t only going to help with the oxygen levels. It will also
play an actual physiological role in how your brain functions. It can literally help transfer information
throughout the brain which helps it determine what actions to take.

The Mind

Let’s talk about the mind for a minute. Even with all of the talk about mental health in recent years,
there still isn’t enough discussion about how we handle stress, deal with depression, or handle
situations that cause us to feel anxiety. Halotherapy can be one way to help clients and patients relax,
meditate, focus, and take steps forward to feeling positive again.

From a chemical standpoint, the salt rooms are full of negative ions which assist your body in achieving a
proper serotonin level. Those levels can help you alleviate stress, boost energy levels, and focus on the
task at hand when needed.
The other mental health benefit comes from being in the session. When you sit in a salt room, you have
nothing in that room with you. Your only obligation is to breathe in the salty air and relax. This can help
you get into a calm and meditative state. Once your mind and body begins to relax, you could feel better
physically which translates into feeling better mentally. If you follow up your session with activities you
enjoy, then that positivity and calmness can grow.

The Salt Scene is Here

If you feel that a halotherapy session could play a role in improving your mental health and brain
function, then the Salt Scene is ready to help you. Feel free to contact us today to set up your first