Can salt room sessions help you recover from training?

Whether you’re someone who is a part of a sport as an athlete or someone who practices recreational
fitness, you should always be looking for an advantage. Anything that can help you improve, recover,
and perform to the best of your ability should be considered. This applies to when you train, what you
eat, and how you recover.

One method that can play a major role in that latter portion is halotherapy. Halotherapy is the practice
of sitting in a salt cave or salt room and breathing in salty air for a period of time. This reads like it would
be simple, and it is, but how can it help you improve as an athlete.

Taking in Oxygen

Whether you’re muscles are being taxed or you’re at the tail end of an extended endurance event like
running, your body will need oxygen. An increase in lung capacity could make a difference in how you
recover from the physical activity and allow you to improve on your performance the next time you train
or compete.

Halotherapy most popular benefit is what it does for the immune system. It provides relief for clients
and patients dealing with allergies, bronchitis, colds, and other breathing issues. The anti-inflammatory
properties in the salt helps widen the airway passages.

You may not be sick but there’s a good chance that you’re taking in various toxins like bacteria, metals,
exhaust from vehicles if you run alongside of a road, and others. These can also negatively impact your
respiratory system. So the relief that halotherapy provides can help you not only improve, but also
decrease the chances of those toxins taking a toll on your immune system.

Muscular Recovery

When you’re lifting weights, you’re actually not building muscle at that point. You’re actually tearing
muscle fibers down. The fibers recover and grow after the training is done. A side effect of that training
could be muscle soreness a day or two later. This is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
Halotherapy can and will help you relax and you may almost feel like you’re meditating. This alone will
get your body in a calm state that would allow your muscles to begin recovering. The anti-inflammatory
properties of the salt can also relieve some of the soreness you may be feeling.

Furthermore, salt therapy can also increase blood flow. That means the nutrient-rich blood will go to the
muscles where the fibers are broken down and can help improve recovery.

Add Halotherapy to Your Recovery Plan

Now that you know more about halotherapy and what it can do for your fitness goals or as a
competitive athlete, you may be more interested in trying this practice for yourself. The Salt Scene is
open and ready to serve you. We can not only discuss what we do further with you, but also set up your
first appointment. Contact us today for more information.