Could this help you move past this illness?

2020 is a year that no one living through it will ever forget, and the number one reason why is the
COVID-19 pandemic that altered the way of life for everyone around the world. While the research to
develop a cure and vaccine are underway, people are still asking themselves about what to do should
they be diagnosed. Another topic of discussion is what can be done to stay healthy and minimize the risk
of catching this serious virus. The good news for you is that halotherapy may be an answer to both

Minimizing the Risk

If you’re someone who’s already in good health, then maintaining that for as long as possible should be
a top priority. Halotherapy not only provides stress relief and physical recovery benefits, but also
improves skin health which is out bodies’ first line of defense. It also can help remove toxins from the
body like pollutants, second hand smoke, and various metals. All of those toxins can cause free radical
damage which compromises your various systems including the immune system. A weakened or
compromised immune system makes you more susceptible to getting sick. Simply sitting in a room like
those at the Salt Scene and undergoing a halotherapy session could combat that damage and help keep
your immune system working sufficiently.

Recovery from Illness

Let’s say you have an illness such as COVID-19. The symptoms that are associated with that disease in
most cases are similar to the flu. Symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, headaches, muscle
soreness, and congestion or runny nose. If you’ve spoken to your physician about halotherapy and are
not in the acute stages of an illness, then it would be time to consider halotherapy.
Halotherapy can be a solution to help provide relief for all of those symptoms as well. For all of the
issues associated with the lungs, halotherapy can cleanse the lungs and help them increase their
capacity to take in more oxygen. This is because the salt can serve as a magnet and attract all of those
toxins throughout the entire respiratory system.

The salt can also help kill bacteria and assist mucus to move out of the body faster. The body is so
dependent on oxygen that even a little more than it was previously taking in can make a difference.
With all of the benefits that come with a halotherapy session, your capacity would increase significantly.
As for the headaches and muscle soreness, the salt from a halotherapy session are full of negative ions.
Those ions increase the body’s ability to relax as well as help your serotonin levels balance out. The
result is less soreness in the muscles and a natural form of relief to decrease the intensity of the

Your Salt Scene Solution

If you’re now interested in learning more about how to use halotherapy as a way to maintain current
wellness or get back on the road to recovery while dealing with illnesses, the Salt Scene is here to serve
you. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation and to set up an appointment.