Does halotherapy really work or are salt rooms just the next big trend in spa and healing therapies? Those who visit the beach frequently will attest to the powers that salt has on clearing your airways and healing other ailments. Halotherapy is a natural and drug-free way to help heal your body.

Two therapies

Salt therapy is a natural disinfectant that has antibacterial properties that can help keep your body healthier. This practice has been used for years. It started in the 1800s when salt miners realized that they had better skin, reduced ailments, and better breathing than those who didn’t work in these mines. Doctors that found these workers in better health discovered the healing powers that salt can have on the human body. You may have even practiced salt therapy without even realizing you did. Have you ever gargled salt water or used a salt scrub on your skin? That is a type of salt therapy. It is considered a form of wet salt therapy. Wet salt therapy is a great way to help your halotherapy at home.

Dry therapy lungs - Salt Scene

Dry therapy is also known as halotherapy. Dry therapy is less common of the two therapies but can help you and your body just as much. The most common forms of dry salt therapy are salt beds and salt rooms. Halotherapy or dry salt therapy involves sitting in a room that has ground salt particles in the air. These salt particles enter your body (through the mouth, nasal cavity) and onto your skin. Since these particles are able to reach the deepest parts of your lungs they are able to clean out more of the toxins that can be stuck on the lining of your mucus wall. This helps to reduce inflammation so that you can have better breathing practices for sleeping, sporting activities, and everyday breathing practices.


So does halotherapy work?

Halotherapy is said to help treat many ailments from respiratory issues to skin issues. These can include asthma symptoms, dry sinuses, earache, bad breath, chronic bronchitis, acne, emphysema, and even pneumonia. A study showed that halotherapy can even help children that are asthmatic or carry asthmatic symptoms. According to the salt therapy association, salt therapy is safe for everyone even kids, pregnant women, and women who are nursing.


Does halotherapy have risks?

Halotherapy can be beneficial for lots of people. Although this type of therapy is safe for most there are risks. While this type of therapy is great for treating asthma it could also irritate or constrict airwaves. Halotherapy or salt therapy is best when used as a complementary therapy to the medications that you are already taking.


Consistency is key when using halotherapy. When you make sure to return weekly to your local salt room you will see an increase in your total health. Although halotherapy may not completely heal whatever ailment you have it is a great way to help with your everyday battles.  Don’t forget to search salt rooms near me to find your best local halotherapy center.