This form of recovery and therapy has more capabilities than you thought.

The world is currently dealing with a pandemic that has altered our lives in a way that we previously
never comprehended. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a common word in our everyday
language. We can’t look at any form of media without seeing updates about it. We’re reminded of this
every time we leave our homes and have to make sure we have our masks with us. One of the most
common questions associated with that word is if there is a vaccine coming anytime soon.
That question has yet to be answered definitively but there is good news. There are more ways to help
improve recovery from this virus and one of those ways can be in the form of halotherapy.
Halotherapy is a natural form of therapy that involves breathing in salty air. This can be done in either a
natural salt cave or a man-made room. In halotherapy rooms, the 99.99% pure-grade salts are broken
down into particles and released into the air for the subject in the room to breathe in. It can also enter
the body through the surface layers of the skin. Halotherapy sessions can last anywhere from 45
minutes to 3 hours, depending on the individual’s needs and wants.
Research directly connecting halotherapy and the coronavirus has yet to be published. However, the
virus is known for its ability to attack the respiratory system. Halotherapy is renowned for its ability to
support the respiratory system to help improve recovery from various illnesses. It has been shown to
support patients dealing with asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis, and COPD. Breathing in salt particles can
improve overall lung function, reduce inflammation, and clear the sinuses and nasal passages.
Furthermore, it can help remove pollens and toxins which helps improve the lungs take in oxygen. This
can be thought of as similar to when someone deep cleans a room or surface before anyone enters it.
This deep cleansing of your lungs will not only support your immune system when combating an illness,
but it will also increase your energy levels so you can potentially feel better sooner. This form of therapy
is also antimicrobial. This means it has the ability to stop or kill many different microorganisms like free
radicals. What does this mean for anyone affected by the coronavirus? Halotherapy can potentially
support your immune system against the other symptoms you’re feeling so your body can focus on
improving and ultimately, recovering so you can get back to everyday life.
The Salt Scene offers halotherapy and its benefits as a service for anyone who is in our office from the
comfort of a salt therapy bed. This service as a series of sessions can be used on its own as treatment for
ailments or in conjunction with modern medicine as suggested by your physician. If you’re interested in
learning more about halotherapy or setting up your first appointment, contact us today for more