Salt therapy can have immense benefits to those with COPD and other chronic respiratory system ailments. Halotherapy or dry salt therapy is a great way to treat and control the symptoms of chronic respiratory system issues in a spa-like environment. Halotherapy is a natural and a 100% drug-free way to help with your COPD and other chronic respiratory system issues.


Salt therapy can bring relief to different types of respiratory symptoms, ailments and common illnesses. This includes allergies, chronic bronchitis, sinus infections, and emphysema which all can be caused by COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. COPD causes to the blockage of airflow and other breathing related issues. Although there is no cure for COPD salt therapy can help reduce the symptoms that you have. When the salt particles go into the body through it can help remove the toxins that in your body.

COPD how does halotherapy work - Salt Scene

How does halotherapy work?

Halotherapy or dry salt therapy is most commonly found in salt rooms or on salt beds. This is where salt is ground up to a fine particle in the air through a device called a halogenerator. These salt particles enter your body through the skin, mouth and nasal cavity. The inhalation of the small salt particles reduces the inflammation that occurs on the mucus wall of your lungs. This is because salt can remove the toxins and bacteria that are causing your immune system to start the inflammation process in your body making it hard for you to breathe. This is a great way to get deep into the body and help with your COPD.

Many COPD sufferers find that they have positive results after attending salt therapy. Some often found that when they continually went to their local salt room therapy, they found their symptoms reduced for up to 12 months.

Using salt therapy is not a new practice. Workers back in the 1800s who would spend their days’ mining in salt caves all day found that they had better breathing and skin than those who didn’t. That is because the salt particles were consistently entering their body and clearing out the toxins that you cause COPD and other chronic respiratory system issues.


Salt therapy, like many other types of healing therapies, can have risks. It is important to talk with your doctor about the benefits for you and your COPD that halotherapy can have. While halotherapy is a great way to help treat for your COPD and other chronic respiratory system issues it can also cause irritation to your airways. This type of therapy is best when used in conjunction with what you are taking to help heal your COPD and other chronic respiratory system issues


When you visit halotherapy regularly it can help be more beneficial toward your COPD and other chronic respiratory system issues. Salt therapy can not only help eliminate your current symptoms but can help prevent future irritation to your respiratory system. Don’t forget to contact your local salt therapy room for more information on their sessions.