Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a chronic, progressive disease of the respiratory system.  COPD is typically treated with inhaled medications to directly optimize lung health.  Natural dry salt therapy can have immense benefits to those with COPD and other chronic respiratory system ailments. Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) involves the inhalation of microscopic particles of dry salt while sitting in a specially designed room that mimics a salt cave environment. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that halotherapy, in a spa-like environment, is an effective way to treat and control the symptoms of respiratory distress. Halotherapy is a simple, natural, and a 100% drug-free way to help with the symptoms of your COPD and other chronic respiratory system ailments.



Salt therapy can bring symptomatic relief to different types of respiratory ailments and many common illnesses. These includes allergies, chronic bronchitis, sinus infections, emphysema and COPD.  COPD restricts the airflow through the lungs, reducing oxygen to the body, and causing many other related breathing issues. Although there is no cure for COPD, salt therapy can provide relief from the symptoms that you experience.  The negative ions of the dry salt particles have a significant anti-bacterial effect and can help remove toxins from your body.


COPD how does halotherapy work - Salt SceneHow Does Halotherapy Work?

Technological advances and urban development have a role in the deterioration in air quality.   It makes sense that any place that could simulate a pollution-free environment would be beneficial. Artificial salt rooms play crucial role, by providing a controlled air medium that simulates a natural salt cave microclimate. Today, halotherapy or dry salt therapy is typically found in specially designed salt rooms or on salt beds. These rooms provide an atmosphere where salt is ground into microscopic particles and circulated throughout the room by a device called a halo-generator. These microscopic salt particles enter the body through the skin, the mouth and nasal cavity.  They eventually enter the lungs and are absorbed into the bloodstream.  The inhalation of the minute salt particles reduces inflammation that occurs in the tissues of the lungs. Salt can remove the toxins and bacteria that are irritating the immune system and causing inflammation.   If left untreated, the inflammation process makes it hard to breathe. Halotherapy can provide a natural and painless way to get deep into the body and help with symptoms of COPD.


Research continues to show that many COPD sufferers find they have positive results after beginning salt therapy. Historically, patients have found that when they regularly visit their local salt rooms, their symptoms had reduced for up to 12 months.


Using salt therapy is not something new and trendy.  The practice has been very popular and used in Europe for centuries.  The modern scientific-era of salt therapy can be traced to the late 1800s in Eastern Europe.  Doctors noticed that workers mining in salt caves all day had fewer breathing complaints, and clearer skin than the rest of their patients. Doctors determined that it was the salt-cave environment where salt particles were constantly entering the miner’s bodies.  The salt helped kill harmful bacteria and cleared many toxins that cause respiratory system symptoms.



Like many other types of healing therapies, salt therapy can have some risks. It is important to talk with your doctor.   Discuss the possible benefits that halotherapy can have for your COPD or respiratory symptoms. Although halotherapy is generally a safe and natural way to help treat chronic respiratory system issues, it may also cause minor irritation to your airways. Halotherapy is best when used in conjunction with your current treatments.  Any questions about halotherapy and your COPD or other chronic respiratory system issues should be discussed with your physician.



Visiting a salt-room regularly can help benefit your COPD and other chronic respiratory symptoms. Salt therapy can not only help reduce your current symptoms but can help prevent future irritation to your respiratory system. Don’t forget to contact your local salt therapy room facility for more information on their sessions and programs.