Learning and research about new forms of therapy can be overwhelming. Which therapies are safe and which will actually help you heal? Salt therapy is a type of natural and drug free therapy that can actually help treat the medical ailments that you have. Salt therapy is also safe to treat babies, children, adults, elderly and even expecting mothers.


If salt therapy is safe for everyone, what is it?

Salt therapy is an alternative therapy where salt enters the body. Salt therapy or halotherapy can primarily help to heal any issues with the respiratory system and the skin. In salt therapy, salt is ground up into breathable particles that float in a salt room. A salt room is a specialized room used for the spreading of salt. This room helps to disperse the salt evenly which can help to enter your body quicker. Once the salt has entered through your mouth, nasal cavity and skin it can begin to heal your ailments.


How does salt therapy work?

The way that salt therapy works is salt particles are ground up and inhaled through the mouth and nostrils to help coat the nostrils, esophagus and the deepest parts of the lungs. When you coat these areas it provides a natural way to absorb the edema from the mucosa lining in the airways. Once the salt is inside the airway it helps to reduce inflammation and remove toxins or stuck mucus that might be causing any problems in the respiratory system.


Is Salt Therapy harmful to the body?

Since salt therapy is 100% natural and drug-free it is not harmful to most. There are conditions that should not be treated with salt therapy. Conditions that should not be treated with salt therapy are:

  • infections that are later accompanied by a fever
  • Acute active tuberculosis
  • Cardiac insufficiency
  • Anyone who is spitting or throwing up blood, alcohol or are intoxicated by any other drugs
  • Those with uncontrolled hypertension



Although this type of therapy is safe for most there are risks. While this type of therapy is great for treating asthma, seasonal allergies, dry sinuses, insomnia, stress or depression it could also irritate or constrict airwaves. Halotherapy or salt therapy is best when used as a complementary therapy to the medications that you are already taking.


Those might think “ingesting too much salt is dangerous,” well eating too much salt is bad for your body but breathing does not affect your heart, kidneys or stomach. Salt exposure during salt therapy is not the same and focuses on affecting the respiratory system. The amount of salt inhaled during therapy is low, almost .5 to 10 milligrams. That is less than a teaspoon of salt. The way that salt is used in salt therapy acts more as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and to help clear passages.


Salt therapy can help with many ailments but it is most helpful when it is done or used continuously. Weekly sessions at your local salt therapy location can help to treat whatever is troubling you.