There are many nonprescription and prescription drugs out there to help your acne. You see the commercials everywhere from TV to Radio and even on your social media feeds. But does putting all of those chemicals on your face really help with your acne or does it worsen it? For years many have used salt therapy otherwise known as halotherapy for the acne not just on their face, but all over their skin.


What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy or halotherapy is a drug-free, 100% natural therapy that has been practiced for over 100 years. It begins in eastern Europe, where people would visit natural salt caves to heal the things that were ailing them, from skin irritation to respiratory problems to even cold and flu. Now in the future, we have moved on from natural salt caves (although there are some who still practice halotherapy inside of them) and created our very own salt rooms. These salt rooms are a man-made version of salt caves. Nowadays, there are more than just one way to perform salt therapy. There is dry and wet salt therapy. Dry, happening in a salt room. While wet salt therapy normally is done at home.


How it works

Salt rooms are plain and simple. When you go for therapy there, you sit in a room where salt is circulated through the air. It uses a halogenerator (a machine that tears the salt into breathable particles) and lets the salt flow through your body. As the salt gets ingested and sinks into your skin it already starts to heal the issues that you are dealing with. Salt has many features in it that make it a healing agent. Those characteristics are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, it can loosen the excessive mucus and speed up the transport of the mucus. Also, it can remove pathogens and it can strengthen your immune system.



The reason that salt therapy works so well for your acne is because of the fact that it is a natural disinfectant. The antibacterial properties that are found in salt help to keep your body cleaner and healthier. Since salt therapy is safe, everyone can do it. From babies to toddlers to kids and all ages of adults can partake in salt therapy. Like all therapies, there can be risks involved. So just make sure to reach out to your current doctor or a salt therapy specialist before starting. Call the specialists at Salt Scene Orlando to see what they can offer to help you with.


Acne-and-Salt-Therapy-salt-scrub-01-17-2020At home

Another type of salt therapy that can help with your acne is using wet salt therapy. Unlike dry salt therapy (as explained above), wet salt therapy can be done at home and there are many different versions of it. Wet salt therapy includes salt scrubs, salt bars, salt baths, and saline solutions. This type of salt therapy can easily be done at home. Salt scrubs are perfect for acne because they can help to clear away the bacteria that is stuck in your skin, which is causing the acne.