Salt therapy has been around for centuries and we all have practiced it without even knowing it. From netipots to salt baths and bath bombs to saline solutions these are all forms of salt therapy. Although salt therapy taking place in specialized salt rooms or salt caves is what is becoming popular today. Today, salt therapy is a natural therapy that involves relaxing in a specially made room that is filled with ground salt particles. These salt rooms can help aid many different types of recovery and in the general well-being of health.


Salt therapy has many benefits. These are just 10 reasons why you should try salt therapy and see those benefits for yourself.


It can help with any type of skin condition.

Salt therapy is great for the skin because salt acts as an anti-inflammatory which can help with ailments such as Dermatitis, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and even Hives.


It can help with your sleeping.

Salt therapy can help you get better sleep due to the cleaner air that you will be breathing. This will make it easier for you to reach REM and get a better night’s sleep.


It can help your breathing.

Yes, it can! Salt therapy can have an impact on many different types of breathing difficulties. The salt particles that are in salt rooms are able to enter your lungs and line the walls which can help loosen any constricted airways.


It can help with your cognitive function.

Salt therapy can help with many aspects of your brain and the overall function of it is the main one. Salt is a great way to clear out toxins that may be hindering your neurotransmitters from firing which are slowing down your cognitive function.


It can help be a mood booster.

Another great benefit of salt therapy is for your mental health.


It can help you to de-stress.

Salt therapy can help to reduced stress and reduced headaches.


It can help to reduce your cold or flu symptoms.

Salt itself acts an anti-bacterial, which help when you are suffering from a cold or flu.


It can help with respiratory illnesses.

Since salt therapy can act as an anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory it helps to reduce your body’s adapt to getting a respiratory illness like bronchitis or emphysema.


It can help to increase your stamina length.

Salt therapy allows you to use the full capacity of your lungs while running, which could increase the time you can spend running.


It can help you to train better for any sporting event.

Since salt room therapy can clear your breathing passageways they can help with the conditioning of your lungs for sporting events like a basketball game, soccer game, marathon or even just lifting weights.


Salt therapy can affect various things in our body including our energy, blood sugar levels, cell activity, and immune system. When salt is ingested into our bodies during salt therapy it can act as an antibacterial clearing all of the negative bacteria and pathogens.


Consistency is key when using the benefit of salt therapy. If you are looking for more information regarding salt therapy check out The Salt Scene Orlando or call your local salt therapy location.