by Dr. David Orman

More often than not, we continually eat various foods because we like the taste. Granted, there are other reasons but this consistently remains near the top of the list. That explains why liver sales are never particularly high.

Taste is more than something that feels good to our senses. Taste has value; that is, we can use a particular taste to help improve our overall health and wellness.

Background Info

There are 5 organs that are considered “major” ones in the body, though all of course, are important. Each of these organs have a flavor associated with them. Think of them like a “magnet” specific to that organ.

They are as follows*:

  • • Kidneys (and Bladder) – Salty flavor
  • • Liver (and Gall Bladder) – Sour flavor
  • • Heart (and Pericardium) – Bitter flavor
  • • Spleen (and Stomach) – Sweet flavor
  • • Lungs (and Large Intestines) – Spicy flavor

* The “major organ” is listed first while its paired or associated organ is in parenthesis.

So, if one has a problem with the lungs, adding perhaps Indian or Thai foods, ones that are typically spicy, would help this organ. Lemon, a sour food/flavor, will aid the liver. Please note that an excess of these flavors and foods will weaken or even damage the organ. Eating a piece of chocolate that is sweet will help the spleen. Eating 3 bars daily will damage it.

What Each Taste Does

Additionally, each of the flavors has a certain effect on the body too.

  • • Sour flavor generates fluids and helps keep them contained. For example, if one has a tendency to sweat a lot, eating a Granny Smith apple which is on the sour side, will help reduce this.
  • • Bitter clears heat and calms the body and Spirit. Those who are on the hyper side of life would be helped by bitter, dark green veggies as an example. It will balance out the (excess) energy.
  • • Sweet strengthens and moderates all energy. Dark chocolate will pick up the energy and the mood. (Again, moderation is a key here.)
  • • Spicy help to scatter so if a person has congestion of the sinuses or lungs, turmeric or ginger in foods will be very helpful to disperse the congestion.
  • • Salty softens hardness and moves the energy downward. Those who suffer from insomnia (too much energy above) will be helped or individuals with lipomas (fatty, hard masses) will also benefit from salt-based foods.
  • It should also be noted that these flavors have an effect on the “psyche” as well. For example, salty flavor will soften one’s view on issues and create a more flexible, less stubborn approach.

Flavors will affect the emotions and behaviors also. Foods and supplementation are often the areas of focus when it comes to elevating one’s overall health. Adding the awareness of flavor(s) and using these precisely will also go a long way to feeling great.