Stuffy nose, trouble breathing, itchy eyes- what’s the one thing these all have in common? For starters, they’re something we never want to experience. But these symptoms are also indicative of a bigger internal problem, often dealing directly with the pulmonary system. The pulmonary system is our body’s mechanism for filtering out the air we breathe. Our ears, nose, and throat are all connected in an intricate system that is crucial to keeping us alive and breathing. When the respiratory system is not working as it should, it’s definitely something we will notice and something that should be treated immediately.

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A New Solution to Allergies

Allergy symptoms affect millions around the country and even more throughout the world. They always seem to strike around the same time of year with the telltale symptoms that we dread to feel coming on. While many people think that popping a few Vitamin C pills and slamming Claritin-D is the cure-all for these infamous symptoms, halotherapy is rapidly proving its worth in the wellness industry as one of the best treatments on the market.

With the recent trend towards natural alternative treatments, salt therapy has been at the forefront for treating numerous conditions. Halotherapy, or salt therapy, has been used for centuries and is currently hailed as the solution to all things allergy. Its premise is really quite simple- you sit in a room filled with salt while vents pump salt particles into the air. All you need to do to experience the amazing effects are sit, breathe, and relax!

Halotherapy is for Everyone

Providing relief for a wide variety of ailments, the most popular uses of salt therapy tend to be for conditions which affect the respiratory system. Sinusitis, sleep apnea, and many other conditions involving breathing are some of the most targeted in salt room sessions. By keeping your airways clear and reducing inflammation in your system, halotherapy is a key piece of treatment to anyone suffering with respiratory discomfort. Another great thing about halotherapy is that it isn’t just for adults, children have been shown to respond extremely well to its effects, too!

Not only can halotherapy help treat existing allergies and symptoms, it is also an amazing tool for preventing them. Said to strengthen the immune system and ward off pathogens that can enter your body through your airways, salt therapy is a powerful way to prevent allergies before they have the chance to strike. Keeping your immune system strong is a must for avoiding sickness, and halotherapy provides an easy way to do just that.

To sum it up, salt therapy is a fantastic experience that will help prevent and treat allergies in the meantime! Scheduling frequent salt sessions in combination with your medication regimen is bound to show marked improvement in the way you feel and perform. But while there are no reported side effects of using salt therapy, it is always important to ask your doctor about any new treatments you may be trying. So what are you waiting for? Wave goodbye to the season of suffering and say hello to a session in the salt room!