by Dr. David Orman

Kids are headed back to school. Days are slowly but surely getting a little shorter and Autumn is just around the corner. Fall is considered the season of the harvest, the fruition of all of the growth of spring and summer time. It is true for us also. The seeds we have sown from spring and summer will show up here, now. Just as importantly, the seeds we plant now will “bloom” in the Winter. In other words, how we treat ourself now will manifest during the Holiday Season. With this in mind, let us prepare now so that Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s become some of the most enjoyable times for us. In natural health, Fall is associated with the Metal element, which is associated with the Lungs and the Large Intestine. This is the time to keep both of these organs strong and healthy. Here is how.


In Natural Medicine, the lung are not only the major organ for respiration, they, along with the Spleen are the sources for cultivating energy. When we breathe properly and our lungs are healthy, our bodies are filled with energy and life. There are many ways we can keep our lungs heathy. Asparagus is the major food with garlic and onions coming in a close second and third. Salt Scene therapy along with Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other regular exercise also can both keep and improve the functioning of the lungs, as well as other systems of the body. The lungs also like to be kept moist. Dryness will damage them over time. As such, proper hydration and intake of minerals and trace minerals are also keys to healthy lungs.


Natural Medicine views the Large Intestines as the “fountain of youth.” It is the organ responsible for removal of wastes from the body. It is about 5 feet in length and perhaps the most overstressed organ in our body, given most people’s lifestyle. Keep this strong and we feel like we are 25 or 30, regardless of what our birth certificate says. One of its job is also to absorb water as well as nutrients such as sodium and other minerals, as well as housing healthy bacteria which helps to break down food and synthesize vitamins.

Keep the Large Intestine strong and healthy and colds or the flu will never come for a visit, so to speak. The ideal foods for the Large Intestine is okra. However, for many, this is not one of the most tasty or available substances. Therefore, consider pineapple, papaya, mango and guava as the next in line. A simple treat of castor oil packs can go a long way toward keeping the large intestine and digestive tract strong and healthy.

Rub Castor oil on the skin around the umbilicus (belly button). Put a dry towel over it and then a hot pack. Leave it on for about 30-40 minutes. It is extremely soothing so nighttime is the ideal time period to do this. Castor oil will leech any type of toxin from the system and help the body safely remove it. If you were guaranteed to double your money by investing in XYZ, the decision to do so would be easy. Think of the above as doubling your health and wellness. . . . investing in yourself.

Take the simple steps now so that Fall and Winter become a healthy and enjoyable time frame for all.