By Dr. David Orman

You know already about the benefits of halotherapy at the Salt Scene. If you are an allergy sufferer or someone with respiratory problems, it is arguably the ideal treatment and prevention. In fact, anything respiratory based, this is a way to deal with it.

You also know that skin conditions can also be improved with halotherapy (psoriasis, rashes, eczema, acne). There are others as well. Just ask the many clients who have received treatments here at the Salt Scene. Here is a question for you, one you probably never considered:

“Can Salt Scene therapy make you smarter?”

You probably won’t find any published research papers on the subject. You may not hear too many people notice it but it is a real possibility. Here is why. Natural Medicine theory, diagnosis and treatment is largely based upon correlations. For example, the color red correlates with the heart. Autumn correlates with the Lungs.

The flavor of salt correlates with the Kidney energy. This is very important as the Kidney energy is considered THE source of energy for the entire body; that is, when the Kidney energy is strong, the entire body is strong. The Kidneys store energy in the 2 organs and when the organs are filled, the remainder is stored in the spine. When the spine is filled with energy, the balance of energy is stored in the brain (and also the hair).

When a person ages, that energy is weakened and thus there is graying or loss of hair, reduction in memory, stiffness or curvature of the spine etc. In other words, it works in reverse. Now, salt or salty flavor help add energy to the Kidneys which as noted above, help supply energy to the brain. While it may or may not make us smarter, it does allow our brain to function at or near its maximum capacity.

Other foods help as well including walnuts, salmon, avocado, and celery. Went we optimize our brain functioning, we give ourselves the greatest opportunity to learn, memorize and be creative. One more thing about the Kidneys. They are the source of courage and fear.

When strong, we have a tendency to express the former. When weak, the latter. Call for a treatment to help your Kidney energy.

Practice courage. Keep your lungs healthy and maximize your brain!