With Spring in full spring, we are all dying from our allergies together. There are many different ways to try and stop your allergies from putting you out of commission. These are the top 10 ways.


Shut Your Windows

Although spring comes with amazing breezes it is important to shut them out. If the pollen count is particularly high that day, the breeze will blow the pollen straight into your home which could trigger your seasonal allergies. Another way to keep the breezes out would order a specific air filter. The HEPA filter can help to keep the pollen out of your air conditioning unit.


Consider Alternative Treatments

There are many different types of alternative treatments for seasonal allergies. The first is salt therapy. Salt therapy is a natural and drug-free way to help with your seasonal allergies. It consists of small salt crystals filling a room. These breathable salt crystals going into your body through the mouth and nasal cavity to help clear out any restrictions that are happening in your respiratory system


Wash Up

Make sure to wash each time you come home. When you come home you bring small particles of outside allergens with you that could cause a flare up inside of your home. The easiest way to clean yourself off is to take a shower and leave your shoes by the door.


Wear a mask

Although you may not want to wear a mask in public, if you have severe seasonal allergies it will help you greatly. It is the best way to stop any triggers from going in your mouth or your nasal cavity.


Eat Healthily

It is important at this time to help your body be in its best shape possible. Eating healthy will help your body. It is found that children who ate less fresh foods were more apt to have seasonal allergies as they grew up.


Rinse Everything Out

As gross as it may sound using a nasal rinse might be one of your favorite reliefs from seasonal allergies. It can whisk away anything that is stuck in your nasal cavity as well as any bacteria that could be causing your symptoms.


Drink More

As fun as this sounds we mean clear and healthy liquids. If you are feeling stuffy or drippy from a clogged nasal cavity then try sipping on water, juice or a nonalcoholic drinks. This extra liquid in your body can help to dislodge what is in your nasal cavity and can provide some relief from your seasonal allergies.


Try going natural

Keep your home clean with natural products. This is one of the best ways to keep outdoor allergens out. Harsh chemicals can actually strain your nasal cavity more which can leave you vulnerable when you go outside to things like pollen.


Get Steamy

Try to inhale some steam. This is a simple trick to make sure that you can breathe again. All you have to do is hold your head over a bowl of hot (not too hot) water and cover your head with a towel. You can also just do this while you are in the shower.


Avoid Smoke

If you inhale smoke while having trouble with seasonal allergies it can irritate your nose and actually make it worse. Make sure to avoid smoke when you are out (ie cigarette smoke).