Halotherapy is an alternative, natural, and drug-free therapy that involves breathing in the salty air. This natural therapy involves being in a natural salt cave or in a man-made salt room. After spending anywhere in between 45 minutes to 3 hours this therapy can be beneficial for general illness, breathing, sleeping, and other health factors.

Origin of salt therapy miners - Salt Scene


The origin of salt therapy is from eastern Europe. Miners discovered this type of therapy in the 1800s. These miners had noticed that their long exposure in the salt mines had a positive effect on their health. These miners saw significantly better skin and breathing in their everyday lives. Small particles of salt distributed through the air as these miners crushed, pulverized, and removed salt from the mines. Since these mines were underground it creates an ideal condition for halotherapy. Being underneath the earth’s surface made for the ideal temperature, air pressure, and circulation.


After researching the effects of salt mines a Dr. Feliks Boczowski founded and opened the very first salt therapy facility. It was founded in Poland at the Wieliczka Salt Mine. At this salt mine, Dr. Feliks offered salt baths. Here he utilized the natural brine found in the cave. Dr. Feliks  also discovered that staying underground can offer other benefits like treatments for asthma. For this reason, other facilities had opened up across the world for salt therapy as this type of healing continued to grow.


Halotherapy as a treatment was born in 1985 in Russia. The first halotherapy device was made to replicate the salt mines. This device — called a halo generator — replicated the grinding and the crushing of salt and salt particles that would be dispersed inside of a salt cave. Having patients spend times in this style rooms is what made halotherapy popular. Hence, having access to a machine that could replicate a salt cave across the globe helped those with many different types of health concerns.

Halotherapy safe for all ages - Salt Scene


Halotherapy or salt therapy is safe for those of all ages (including children). Therefore, it can help with many different types of ailments. Halotherapy and salt rooms are most beneficial to those with asthma, airborne allergies or other breathing illnesses.  The salt particles go into the body through the skin, mouth or through the nasal passages. They help to clear out the toxins and other impurities that are found inside the body.

Does halotherapy have risks?

Halotherapy can be beneficial for lots of people. Although this type of therapy is safe for most there are risks. While this type of therapy is great for treating asthma it could also irritate or constrict airwaves. Halotherapy or salt therapy is best when used as a complementary therapy to the medications that you are already taking.


The bottom line is that halotherapy is an all natural and drug-free way to clear out the toxins inside the body. Certainly, this type of natural therapy works well. As a result, it can do wonders for the respiratory system among other parts of the body. Like all therapies, halotherapy is best when it is done consistently. But you should check with your doctor before starting therapy.