Allergy season in the U.S. usually peaks in the spring when plants do most of their blooming. But with Florida warm weather and longer summers, flowers can bloom longer and continue to produce pollen year-round. This causes many Floridans to endure bad allergies year round.

Airborne allergens

One of the worst things to deal with is airborne allergens. These allergies will attack your body leaving it weak and leaving you suffering from an allergic response. Some of you might have to deal with earaches, cough, itchy eyes, dry sinuses and some may even experience different degrees of headaches and migraines. The only common thing in these types of issues is that we all experience them differently.

These allergens can range from something that can affect you all year long to fall seasonal allergies or other seasons as well. If you are constantly affected by allergen issues it can be difficult to do the work that needs to be done in your day to day life. Feeling this bad can cause you to miss major events at work, your children’s school or your significant others life.

One of the worst parts of airborne allergens is that there may not even be a relief for you if you are only looking at the thousands of different over the counter medications that can be found at any store. These medications aren’t able to clean out your body and the respiratory system. They are made as a quick fix hoping that these airborne allergens will be over or gone soon.  Allergens are one of the leading reasons for chronic illness in the United States today.

10 worst allergens that we can all suffer through

  1. Tree Pollen
  2. Grass Pollen
  3. Weed Pollen
  4. Mold Spores
  5. Cat Dander
  6. Dog Dander
  7. Cockroaches
  8. Feathers
  9. Organic Fibers
  10. House Dust Mites
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Halotherapy Airborne Allergies - Salt Scene

A great way to treat these top ten allergens is through a 100% natural and drug-free therapy called halotherapy. Halotherapy or salt therapy is a type of therapy that involves breathing in the salty air. This therapy involves being in a natural salt cave or being in a salt room ( which would be man-made). A session can run from 45 minutes to 3 hours. In these salt rooms, small ground up salt particles is in the air for you to inhale. The salt particles enter through your mouth and nasal cavity and go into the deepest part of your lungs.

A way to have temporary relief at home to any of these 10 airborne allergens is practicing salt therapy at home. Try using a Himalayan salt lamp to reduce the toxins that can be found in your home or even try wet salt therapy. This therapy (like gargling salt water) can help with a sore throat that is being caused by the allergens.

Salt therapy can help you fight those ten common airborne allergens by clearing out our lungs and help the inflammation that is happening in your respiratory system to the immune response that is happening in your body. Once the inflammation is down in your respiratory system then it will be easier for your body to process and get rid of the airborne allergens that are stuck.

Halotherapy or Salt therapy is best for your airborne allergen issues when it is done constantly. If you continue to do weekly appointments in a salt room it will help you fight these airborne allergies all year long instead of only during your fall season allergies.