Salt therapy has so many healing benefits you may not realize that it can help with damage that has been there for years. Salt therapy helps to clean out the toxins and open the damaged airways in the lungs. It can even help lungs that have been damaged from smoking. If you have emphysema and you still smoke, you need to quit to better your health. Once you do quit, salt therapy can help clean out your body especially your respiratory system.

What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy is a 100% drug-free and natural way to help heal and treat your damaged body. How does salt therapy work? Salt therapy work by small ground salt particles entering your body through your skin, mouth and nasal cavity. Most common ways of performing salt therapy are in a salt room. Salt rooms are man-made rooms (made to replicate a salt cave) that release the small salt particles into the air. Once you have inhaled the salt particles they can go to your deepest part of the lungs and remove toxins that may be trapped in the lining of your lungs.

In general salt, therapy can help to increase the speed of your lungs recovery after you quit smoking. It helps to speed the elimination and the reduction of toxins.

Why does salt therapy work?

The reason that salt therapy works is the properties that salt carries. Salt has properties such as being an antibacterial, being an anti-inflammatory, it can help to remove immune system oversensitivity, it can help to loosen excessive mucus, and it can help to remove pathogens in it to help throughout the healing process. During salt therapy the small ground, up salt particles are penetrating deep into your body to make sure that the toxins that are still damaging your lungs tissues are stopped. Salt therapy can even help COPD subside after 12 months if you were a smoker.

Smoking salt therapy room - Salt Scene

Those who use salt therapy after smoking can even have a reduction of different treatments.

Some benefits of using salt therapy after you quit are:

  • Inhalers, steroids and even antibiotics (needed due to smoking)
  • You will be able to breathe on your own
  • Improve your lung functions
  • Reduction in the number of times you are admitted into the hospital (due to smoking)
  • It will clear the phlegm in the lungs
  • It will clear mucus stuck in the lungs
  • Increases your resistance to diseases of the respiratory system
  • It will strengthen your immune system
  • It can prolong any remission times you have (due to smoking)

Due to the length of time that you smoked it may take longer for you to see the positive health effects that salt therapy will have on your lungs.  Salt therapy works best when you continue to go. If you want to see results, then weekly sessions are needed. For best reduction of the effects from smoking 30 minute to 45-minute sessions will be needed. Check out your local salt therapy room to see the health benefits they can offer you.