Salt therapy can help with so many of your problems that you may be enduring every day… and even every night. Sleep apnea is something that millions suffer with and don’t always have an option to treat. With salt therapy, you may be able to get a better nights sleep. We all could live a little better if we could have continual good nights of sleep. Salt therapy offers a naturally relaxing effect which can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.


What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes you to not have a good nights sleep. When you suffer from sleep apnea it means that you have a sleeping disorder where you repeatedly stop breathing and start again during the night. Due to this you are constantly waking up and falling back to sleep all night long. This disorder can leave you feeling tired and sluggish throughout your day.


What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy works by utilizing small ground salt particles entering your body through your skin, mouth and nasal cavity. Most common ways of performing salt therapy are in a salt room. Once you have inhaled the salt particles, they can go to your most in-depth part of the lungs and remove toxins that may be trapped in the lining of your lungs.


What is The Best Way To Treat Sleep Apnea At Home?

If you are not able to attend a salt therapy session then having a Himalayan Salt Lamp or having a salt inhaler in your home is the best way to treat your sleep apnea at home. The negative ions that are produced from a Himalayan Salt Lamp can help you relax and destress at home before you go to sleep. A salt inhaler helps to replicate the salt room which can also help you to de-stress and relax before bed.


How does Salt Therapy Change My Sleep Apnea or Help Me Sleep Better?

Salt itself acts as an anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory which help to reduce the damage to your lungs that are causing difficulty to your breathing. When the salt enters your body, it goes into the deepest part of your lungs. When the salt gets to the deepest part of your lungs it helps to remove the toxins like mucus and even phlegm. Once these toxins leave your body, you will be able to process air more efficiently. This will help to alleviate what is stopping your breathing during the night. When you reduce what is causing you to stop breathing at night, it can help you have a betters night’s sleep – without being disturbed.


If you need more information on sleep apnea, salt therapy with your sleep apnea or just more information on salt therapy, feel free to contact the experts at The Salt Scene Orlando or contact your local doctor more information on this therapy. If you are already practicing salt therapy with your sleep apnea then make sure to have consistent sessions booked. Consistency is key when using the benefit of salt therapy.