When learning about all the benefits of salt therapy through salt caves we all want to try it but we all do not have the spare time to go. A great way to practice salt therapy at home is with a Himalayan salt lamp. Using a Himalayan salt lamp can be a great alternative to salt rooms or caves. But can Himalayan salt actually help your health? The easy answer is yes, but how does it happen? Well, it depends on how you ingest the salt.


The types of salt therapy differ in the type of salt used. More at home uses can be found for Himalayan Salt. The use of this type of salt usually promises the idea of detox on the body. But what are the benefits of putting this into your daily life?



Himalayan salt lamps can help your breathing in many ways. This lamp helps to clean the toxins in the air. Another great Himalayan salt technology that can help with your breathing is a Himalayan Salt Inhaler. A salt inhaler helps to replicate what happens in a salt room. A Himalayan salt inhaler will release salt particles into the air at your home.


Salt therapy through salt lamps SLEEP-Salt SceneSleeping

Himalayan salt lamps can help to decrease your stress, just like salt therapy can. With this decrease in stress, it can help your sleeping. The calmer you are the easier it is to fall asleep. A great way to decrease your stress before you go to bed is having your Himalayan salt lamp on 30 minutes before you go to bed to detoxify your air and your body before bed.


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a type of depression that can relate to the time of the year and what season it is. SAD typically starts and ends at the same time each year. Himalayan Salt lamps can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder. A Himalayan Salt Lamp can help fight the effects of SAD. Himalayan Salt Lamps put off a light that is similar to the sun which can help in winter climates, where the sun can be often scarce for certain months.


Increase In Mental Health

Another health benefit of having Himalayan Salt lamps is the effect they can have on mental health. Radiation that flows from electronics (ie. cell phones, TVs, tablets) can have a negative effect on our mental health. Himalayan Salt lamps can help by reducing the radiation that is scattered by these devices. Constant interaction with the radiation from devices can increase stress levels cause fatigue and other health conditions. The negative ions that these salt lamps produce can help reduce the radiation and successfully boost your mental health and immune system.


Consistency is key when using utilizing salt therapy. The best way to feel the effects of Himalayan salt is making sure to incorporate it into your everyday life. Salt room therapy should be done regularly to make sure that you can live well.  Don’t forget to check out your local salt rooms to see other healing benefits that it can offer you.