The best thing about salt therapy is that it can be beneficial for anyone of any age. Lately, salt therapy in the senior community has been growing. With the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that salt carries it helps with a lot of the ailments that senior citizens deal with.


What are the benefits of salt therapy for senior citizens?

As you age lung function can often decrease which can lead to many health problems. Salt therapy can help with this because it makes it easier for you to breathe.


With salt therapy, it helps to reduce the amount of mucus and other toxins that are stuck in your lungs. When the mucus is able to move away it can stop any ailments like Smokers Cough, Emphysema, seasonal allergies, airborne allergies, bronchitis, and asthma that have been hindering your breathing. When you are breathing the salt particles in the ions that get released also help act as an anti-inflammatory. When the areas of your lungs and system are no longer it allows air to flow more easily, making it easier too.


When you are in a salt room the particles are also able to get into the deeper part of your skin, acting as an antibacterial for areas you may no longer be able to reach. This type of therapy can help with common skin irritations that are found in senior citizens like dry flaking skin, shingles, acne, rosacea, rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.


How does salt therapy work for senior citizens?

There are many different ways to practice salt therapy, the best ways for senior citizens to practice salt therapy would go to a salt room or a salt cave. In these facilities, you just need to sit there and relax. For senior citizens, they may only ever need to touch the warm salt crystals to begin feeling the benefits of it. Although not everyone will be able to attend salt cave sessions or salt room sessions there are other alternatives that still will have all the benefits of these rooms. Himalayan salt lamps and salt inhalers are just two ways to get the healing benefits of salt into the lives of those who are not able to attend these sessions. When you are using a Himalayan salt lamp it will produce a negative ion that will help to relax, destress and act as a mood booster. When you are using a Himalayan salt inhaler it will help to replicate a salt room which can help senior citizens stuck inside. These inhalers will have similar benefits for their breathing like a salt room would have.


Overall salt therapy is great for anyone of any age but the benefits to better breathing can be most beneficial to senior citizens. Salt therapy can affect various things in our body including our energy, blood sugar levels, cell activity, and immune system. Consistency is key when using the benefit of salt therapy.


If you are looking for more information regarding salt therapy check out The Salt Scene Orlando or call your local salt therapy location.