Salt therapy can help with so many of your problems that you may be enduring every day… and even every night. We all could live a little better if we could have continual good nights of sleep. Salt therapy offers a naturally relaxing effect which can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. These effects contribute to stimulating rest through the healing properties of salt.

What is salt therapy and what does it have to do with my sleeping?

Salt therapy is a 100% drug-free and natural way to help heal and treat your damaged body. The salt enters your body and can help with many problems that stop you from sleeping like stress, depression, and breathing.

How does salt therapy work?

Salt therapy works by utilizing small ground salt particles entering your body through your skin, mouth and nasal cavity. Most common ways of performing salt therapy are in a salt room. Salt rooms are human-made rooms (made to replicate a salt cave) that release the small salt particles into the air. Once you have inhaled the salt particles, they can go to your most in-depth part of the lungs and remove toxins that may be trapped in the lining of your lungs. Salt rooms use different types of salt (Himalayan salt lamps and bricks are most common) to generate negative ions to release into the air. These ions help to counteract the positive ions that we encounter in our daily lives.

How does removing toxins help me sleep?

When the salt enters your body, it goes into the deepest part of your lungs. Once these toxins, mucus and even phlegm that has been plaguing your body are leaving it, it leaves your body able to process air more efficiently. This will help to alleviate congestions from the sinuses which can help to reduce any snoring. When you are snoring, you are not having a good of a night’s sleep as you can. When you reduce the snoring, it can help you have a night’s sleep without being disturbed.

Can I practice Salt Therapy at Home for Sleep?

Can I practice Salt Therapy at Home for Sleep - Salt SceneYes. The best way to help improve you sleep at home using salt therapy is with a Himalayan Salt lamp or inhaler. A Himalayan Salt lamp can help releases a warm glow along with the negative ions that can help fight insomnia. The negative ions can help you relax and destress at home before you go to sleep. To get the best experience turn on your Himalayan Salt lamp 30 minutes before you go to bed.  For a Himalayan salt inhaler it is best to use in an enclosed room. This device helps to replicate the salt room which can also help you to destress and relax before bed.

This type of therapy works best when it is used in complementary to what you are currently using. Salt therapy works best when you continue to go. If you want to see results, then weekly sessions are needed. For best results on your sleeping, 30 minutes to 45-minute sessions will be required. Check out your local salt therapy room to see the health benefits they can offer you.