What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy is a natural therapy where salt enters your body through your skin or nasal cavity and helps to stop irritations that could be happening. There are many different forms of salt therapy. Traditionally salt therapy happens in a special facility that is made for the salt to treat you the best way possible.

How does salt therapy benefit your skin?

Salt is a natural way to keep your skin healthy. Salt therapy is a natural disinfectant that has antibacterial properties that can help keep your body healthier. Have you ever gone to the beach and felt your skin become smoother or even clear up after going into the water? That is because the salt in the water is able to relieve the toxins that are being held in through your cells.

What are the skin irritations that salt therapy can help with? There are a lot of skin irritations that  salt therapy can help with, they are:

  • Rosacea: Rosacea is often treated with a prescription but for those of you who they don’t work for or don’t want to us e a prescription, there is another way to help with Rosacea. Salt therapy is a natural and drug-free therapy that can actually help with Rosacea.
  • Dermatitis: Wet salt therapy can be great for those who suffer from some type of dermatitis. Using a type of wet salt therapy like a salt scrub can help to clean off the toxins and dead skin cells that might be irritating your skin.
  • Eczema: Salt is a great and natural way to keep your skin healthy and clean. This therapy can help with eczema because it can help with the itchiness and the inflammation that is happening to the skin due to eczema.
  • Psoriasis: Psoriasis can be treated or reduced with wet salt therapy. This style of therapy is best for Psoriasis because it will not dry out the skin. Salt therapy is best for any skin irritation because of the anti-inflammation aspects of it.

Is salt therapy safe and who can practice it?

Salt therapy is safe to have done on your body. Like all therapies, there are risks in involved with salt therapy and you should talk to your doctor before testing anything out on your own body. Salt therapy is best used when it is in conjuncture with whatever you are already doing. Although salt therapy can also be performed at home it can also be done in a salt room, where you are being watched carefully.

Everyone can partake in salt therapy. Salt therapy is not only safe for adults but is also safe for children, toddlers, and even infants. Salt rooms are best used for the younger ages because you can have them sit in a specific room while they get therapy done.

Overall salt therapy is safe and can be beneficial and effective for those that suffer from all types of skin irritations due to the cleaning effects that they have on the skin.