How Treatments at the Salt Scene Can Help Heal Grief
by: Dr. David Orman

It is the sour side of life, standing in stark contrast to the sweetness we all love. We cannot avoid it and often struggle with coming to grips with it. Life is coupled with death and when it comes, be it a family member, friend, or pet, the emotion of grief usually follows. It hurts and when we are in the midst of it, it seems as if there is no end. Our heart is breaking and yet we still have responsibilities. We put on a mask and deal with it the best we can, hoping that Father Time will in fact, heal all wounds.

Even a broken heart.


While we certainly cannot change the events, we can assist our psyche and our body in healing. The place that we start is with the Lungs. The lungs, of course, are a pair of spongy, air-filled organs located on either side of the chest. They are the primary organ for breathing. In Natural Medicine, they are 1 of 2 organs (along with the Spleen) associated with the production of energy.  It is often called Chi or Ki. Every organ has an emotion that is associated with it. When that emotion is present, the organ will be weakened OR if the organ is weak via poor diet for example, that emotion will be experienced. Think of it as a 2 way street of sorts.

The emotion associated with the Lung is grief. If you have ever been to a funeral, you will notice that the majority of people have the shoulders curled inward as if to protect the Lungs. In truth, the Lungs are weaker than normal at such moments and the “chest-out, shoudlers-back” stance is too much to bear. At times like this, strengthening the Lungs is imperative. It not only helps a person deal with the emotional strain but also prevents Lung-related illness(es) in the future.


Treatments at The Salt Scene in Windermere is an excellent way to help build the strength and energy in the Lungs. The micro-doses of salt will help to rid the body, particularly the Lungs, of pathogens.  And the minerals and trace minerals contained within the salt will assist the overall immunity and energy production. Salt Scene Therapy is done in such as peaceful, calm environment, it can be an ideal environment to begin the regrouping and healing process after such a traumatic event.