With the seasons changing comes asthma attacks, allergies and cold/flu symptoms. The worst part is having children who have to stay inside during the summer due to their allergies or asthma. A great way to prevent that is by attending salt therapy sessions. Salt therapy is like going to the beach forever. Anyone can get that clear breathing feeling (like when you are at the beach) by partaking in salt therapy.


What is salt therapy?

            Salt therapy also known as halotherapy. It is a natural type of therapy that can improve many aspects of anyone’s health who took part in the treatment. Originating from salt caves and improving to salt rooms, salt therapy is popping up across major cities. This type of therapy  has many benefits. Salt therapy can benefit those who suffer from allergies, seasonal allergies, sinus infections, asthma, dermatitis, dry sinuses, cold or flu symptoms, and many other common ailments. Salt therapy is a type of therapy when salt crystals are ground into particles and are released into the air. Salt rooms are man-made and made to replicate the salt in the air.


How it works?

The salt particles that have been ground up are inhaled through the mouth and nostrils to help coat the nostrils, esophagus and the deepest parts of the lungs. This provides a natural way to absorb the edema from the mucosa lining in anyone’s airways. Once the salt is inside the airway it helps to reduce inflammation and remove toxins or stuck mucus that might be causing any problems in the respiratory system.


Can salt therapy be harmful for children?

Salt rooms or caves are a safe form of therapy because they are 100% natural and drug-free. This is a great way to relieve anyone’s  body of the toxins that can be left behind by many things. Due to salt therapy being 100% natural and drug-free it is not harmful for children to partake in.


Why it’s effective for children?

Salt therapy is a great way to ease your child’s asthma or allergies. Children who are receiving treatment can do it with comfort in mind since salt therapy does take place in a calming room. A great way to have your children feel at comfort when they are receiving salt therapy treatment is going to facilities that offer toys for them to play with or facilities that let you bring your own toys into the salt room. This helps to keep the children occupied and entertained during their 45 minute session in the salt room.


Salt therapy is not only safe for children. It is also safe for adults, babies and the elderly. The salt can even be inhaled by mothers who are expecting. Using salt therapy is a great way to heal and treat your child’s respiratory ailments.


Salt therapy can help with many ailments but it is most helpful when it is done or used continuously. Weekly sessions at your local salt therapy location can help to treat whatever is troubling you.