Can dermatitis be treated with halotherapy? Yes, but how? Dermatitis is a skin condition that causes the skin to become red, sore, swollen and can even become blistered. This is a direct irritation or inflammation in the skin. Some type of external agent or even an allergic reaction can cause this. This can range from eczema to acne and other types of skin irritations. Many times those who suffer from some type of dermatitis are only given temporary relief. But these medications can have harmful effects on your health. Salt therapy is a great way to feel immediate and continued natural relief for your dermatitis.


What is halotherapy or salt therapy?

Salt therapy is a natural therapy that helps to treat skin and your respiratory system. Wet therapy and dry therapy (or halotherapy) are two main types of salt therapy.

Halotherapy (or dry salt therapy) involves relaxing in a man-made room that is filled with ground salt particles. The salt particles are what can help to heal/treat you. They can help the clear irritated skin and even clear the airways. These salt rooms can help aid many different types of recovery and in the general well-being of health.

Wet salt therapy

Wet salt therapy can be great for those who suffer from some type of dermatitis. Using a type of wet salt therapy like a salt scrub can help to clean off the toxins and dead skin cells that might be irritating your skin. Salt baths are another great way to clear/treat your dermatitis. Salt baths are great for when you are having a bad skin day. This type of salt therapy can heal because they can help with pulling out the toxins in your skin, it will be able to get deeper into your skin than a normal salt scrub would.

Halotherapy Dermititis - Salt Scene

How can halotherapy help with your dermatitis? Salt therapy is just like taking a trip to the beach. Have you ever gone to the beach and noticed that your breathing has become easier and your skin has cleared up? This is because of the salt in the water and in the air. Just like salt rooms. Salt from the salt rooms helps to kill and clear out bacteria and fungi which are causing the inflammation. Salt acts an anti-inflammatory.

As you continue to attend salt therapy the cracks, redness, the itching will start vanish from your skin. Beside from clearing out your skin in a natural way salt therapy helps to decrease your dependency on prescription drugs. Therefore, this will leave you feeling healthier. You will be able to reduce your stress and strengthen your immune and defense systems from salt therapy. This will leave you less vulnerable to other diseases.


Trying to heal your dermatitis can feel like a never-ending cycle. But making sure that you attend salt therapy consistently will help to heal your dermatitis and keep it healed. Check your local salt rooms to start healing your dermatitis as quickly as possible.