Halotherapy also was known as salt therapy has become a complementary treatment for many health ailments. Salt rooms are popping up all over the country in spas, treatment facilities, resorts and in wellness centers. People are taking advantage of the benefits that primarily focus on the health of your respiratory system and treating all types of skin conditions.

Salt lamps

While you may not have heard of salt therapy, you may be familiar with Himalayan Salt Lamps and inhalers which have been popular for a while. These devices give off warm glows. They are said to release the same types of negative ions that are released in salt therapy rooms. These negative ions that are released into the air in your home can help to improve your moods, can help to reduce stress and they can even help to treat different skin conditions that you may have.

Salt room lamps - Salt Scene

If you do take practice in salt room therapy, it is very similar. Salt room therapy can often use similar Himalayan Salt bricks or lamps. But these rooms take the steps a little further than that. Salt therapy rooms include breathing in the small ground up salt particles that are in the room. This type of salt to air concentration can produce the same effects as spending almost three days at the beach while you are only in the salt therapy room for about 15 minutes.

What is salt therapy? Halotherapy or salt therapy is a 100% drug-free and natural way to help heal and treat your body. The process of salt therapy is when salt is ground up into small breathable particles for a salt room.  Salt rooms are man-made rooms (made to replicate a salt cave). These release the small salt particles into the air which will then begin the healing in the deepest parts of your lungs and on your skin.

Salt therapy at home

So, what are the best ways to get salt therapy at your home? There are different options for having your salt therapy at home. The first is having a salt therapy bed. This is a pre-fabricated bed that that can plug into a wall and create a salt room where ever it is. The salt bed is the same idea as a tanning bed and can be placed anywhere.

at home salt spa - Salt Scene

The second option to creating your salt therapy at home has a salt booth. Like a standing tanning booth, a salt booth can be made to fit one or two people. These are usually made ready to go. All this need is to be plugged in as well. The best aspect of salt booths is the lack of need for ventilation, because of their compact size.


Your third option to creating an at-home salt spa is designing your salt room. Whether you use some building experts or build it on your own, this option will be the best because you can maximize the amount of salt that is released. This allows you to make it within your budget while maximizing the benefit.