Other than being attractive and creating a nice ambiance for your home Himalayan salt lamps can provide a lot of benefits for you and those who live with you.


They are good for the environment

Himalayan salt lamps are an eco-friendly form of light. Some salt lamps can be powered by low wattage bulbs or even via a candle. These salt lamps are set to last longer than typical bulbs or lighting fixtures that can be found in the home.

They improve air quality - Salt Scene

They improve air quality

Salt lamps are advertised to clear pathogens, dust, pet dander, and other bacteria out of our of the air in your home. This is the main reasons that they are advertised to people with respiratory problems or adults with asthma symptoms. Himalayan salt lamps heat up and begin the cycle of removing the particles out of the air. These salt lamps will help your body filter the air that comes into your body more effectively so that the particles or bacteria do not make it into your lungs.


They can boost your health

Himalayan salt lamps can be similar to spending time outside or directly in sunlight. Salt lamps can increase energy levels because they give off a warm glow that is similar to the sun. This can treat conditions like season affective disorder. Some studies have shown that salt lamps can actually accelerate blood flow through the negative ions that they release. As well as clearing the air of dirt and dust particles Himalayan salt lamps can reduce airborne germs out of the air. The salt flows into the body which can boost the immune system and it helps prevent sore throats, coughing, sneezing, and even the common cold.


They can help you sleep

Himalayan salt lamps can help you sleep because they provide a dimmed light when turned on that will promote sleepiness. Using the salt lamp as lighting can replace the bright electric lights or the blue light of the phone screen. Bright lights can actually delay sleep by reducing the creation of a sleep hormone that is needed to fall asleep. The dimmed light and the negative ions that are released from the salt lamp can increase the production of melatonin in the human body.

They can boost mental health and energy - Salt Scene

They can boost mental health and energy

Another health benefit of salt lamps is the effect they can have on mental health. Radiation that flows from electronics (ie. cell phones, TVs, tablets) can have a negative effect on our mental health. Salt lamps can help by reducing the ration that is scattered by these devices. Constant interaction with the radiation from those devices can increase stress levels cause fatigue and other health conditions. The negative ions that these salt lamps produce can help reduce the radiation and successfully boost your mental health and immune system.


Overall Himalayan salt lamps can beneficial for any home. With benefits like better sleep, increased immune system and better mental health. As well as making your home more aesthetically pleasing and more relaxing.