Do you suffer from ear infections? Does your child suffer from a lot of earaches? Do you find it hard for you to give them the antibiotics that are needed for their earache or infection? Salt therapy or halotherapy might be a great resolution to your problems. Salt therapy offers benefits that can be better for you than over the counter medications can.


Halotherapy or salt therapy started centuries ago. Miners in salt mines had better health than those who weren’t working in the salt caves. The workers had clearer skin and better breathing due to the health benefits that the salt offered them.


What Is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy or also known as halotherapy is a drug-free therapy. Salt enters your body helping to clear out toxins. In salt therapy, small ground salt particles enter your body through your mouth, nasal cavity, and skin to clear out inflammation, dead cells and toxins that are stuck. This natural therapy can help with all types of ailments from common colds to bigger infection to even rashes on the skin.

Ear infections

How can this help with your child’s earache or your ear infections? Putting warm salt into a sock or other type of cloth and having them hold it toward their ear and jaw can help with the pain. Salt has a great healing benefit for our bodies as well as a great soother for any types of discomfort. Salt therapy or halotherapy is safe for those of all ages and works best when it is done on a consistent basis.

make salt sock - Salt Scene

Now the real question is, how do you make the salt sock/cloth for your kids? Easy! All you need is a clean sock — one that is long enough to be tied around the end so that the salt doesn’t fall out — some coarse sea salt or even Epsom salt will work and a few drops of your essential oil of choice. I recommend sticking with lavender or even tea tree.

After you have these put the salt in the sock and tie a knot toward the end of it. After place this sock in a skillet (low or medium heat). Make sure that you keep flipping the sock so that the warmth is evenly distributed and you don’t burn the sock. After it starts to get warm apply a couple drops (2-3 drops) of your essential oil onto the sock. Once the sock is at the desired temp hand it off to your child (make sure it’s not too hot for them) and make them hold it to their face ( or wherever the pain may be).

Great remedy

This method of salt therapy is a great ear ache remedy and can be used with ear infection symptoms in adults as well. If you feel that your symptoms persist go see a doctor. Then along with the medications that she/he is prescribing for you check out your local salt room. Salt room benefits can go bar beyond earache remedies.