The Dead Sea is a dense area of water and has mystified many for centuries. With everything that we know about salt, the Dead Sea and salt therapy there are more things that you may not know about. These are eight things that you may not have known about this body of water:


1. The Dead Sea is not actually a sea.

Although we call it The Dead Sea, it is not actually a sea. This body of water is actually a lake. It only has a single source of water, which is the Jordan River. It is also landlocked. This means that it has land on all borders of it.


8-Things-Dead-Sea-FLOAT-Salt-Scene2. People Can Float On The Dead Sea.

Since The Dead Sea is landlocked it causes the water to evaporate and leave behind massive amounts of salt. The massive amounts of salt that are left from this process are what make it so easy for people to float on top of the water. The amount of salt that is leftover is very dense.


3. The Dead Sea can and does have life in it.

Did you know that The Dead Sea can harbor life and does harbor life in it? Not many understand how marine life can live in The Dead Sea.  Although it is too salty for animals and plants to live in it, it does have microbial life. Saline agriculture has been mystified over the life that is in The Dead Sea for years.


4. The Dead Sea is not the saltiest sea.

Although it may seem like The Dead Sea should be the saltiest sea, it is not. It only ranks among a handful of other bodies of water. The saltiest sea, however, is the Don Juan in Antarctica.


5. The Dead Sea produces more than salt-covered rocks.

Although a major thing that is produced from The Dead Sea is salt-covered rocks there is another thing that comes out of it. Surprisingly, asphalt is created by The Dead Sea. Asphalt bubbles up from the deepest points of the lake.


8-Things-Dead-Sea-HEALING-Salt-Scene6. The Dead Sea is a the center for healing.

Salt has so many healing factors, The Dead Sea better be a main point of healing. This lake is known to help those who suffer from asthma, allergies, and colds because of the amount of salt that is found in it.


7. The Dead Sea Has A Low Pollen Count

The area that The Dead Sea is in, the Pollen count is low. The amount of salt that is surrounding the water and in the air is almost uninhabitable for pollen.


8. The Dead Sea Shore Is Below ‘Sea Level’.

A common fact about The Dead Sea is that it is the lowest shoreline. The lowest point of The Dead Sea is 1,400 feet below sea level. This is the lowest point that people can still travel to and breathe open air. How Cool!