Salt therapy started in Eastern Europe many centuries ago. Back then miners who were in salt caves all day had better health than those who weren’t working in the mines. Doctors and scientists soon realized the benefits that salt can have on our internal systems. When ingested or used properly. Salt therapy was then born.


What Is Salt Therapy? Salt therapy or also known as halotherapy is a drug-free therapy where salt enters your body helping to clear out toxins. This natural therapy is best done in salt rooms but when that is not available having a Himalayan salt inhaler in your home can be the next best thing. In salt therapy, small ground salt particles enter your body through your mouth, nasal cavity, and skin to clear out inflammation, dead cells and toxins that are stuck.


What is a salt inhaler? Similar to a Himalayan salt lamp a Himalayan salt inhaler betters the air that you are breathing at home. A reason that the Himalayan salt inhaler is better is that it better replicates salt therapy from a salt room. A Himalayan salt inhaler will release salt particles into your air at home. These are the 5 best benefits of having a Himalayan salt inhaler in your home.


Immune Support and Decreased Inflammation

A great reason to have a Himalayan salt inhaler in your home is it acts like being in salt therapy all the time. Salt is a great anti-inflammatory which can help to clear out your body of its toxins because your respiratory system is able to move them out. Salt therapy and Himalayan salt inhalers can also help increase your immune system and help your immune system from being overly sensitive to bacteria.


Helps to Clear out the Mucus and Can Be Sinus Support

A great way to heal your body is with a Himalayan salt inhaler. A Himalayan salt inhaler can help to clear away the mucus stuck in your body. When salt hits the inner lining or deepest part of your lungs it draws the mucus and other toxins to the surface allowing them to exit your respiratory system.


Stress Relief and Mood Support

The negative ions that come from salt can help your body reduce stress and support better moods. These particles are said to help increase serotonin. Salt therapy is comparable to the relaxation that you get from spending time at the beach.



Just like a vapor rub, salt therapy from a Himalayan salt inhaler can help with congestion. It is clearing out the mucus and toxins that are stuck inside of your body.


Deeper Sleep

Deeper Sleep - Salt Scene            Since salt therapy can help calm our stress it can also aid in our sleeping habits. The calmer you are the easier it will be for you to fall asleep. Another benefit of using a Himalayan salt inhaler for sleep is that your breathing will be better. Fewer toxins and mucus that is stuck inside your body means the less you will wake up in the middle of the night because you can’t breathe right.