Can halotherapy help with smokers cough

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March 14, 2019
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Can halotherapy help with smokers cough

Can halotherapy help with smokers cough - Salt Scene

After becoming a persistent smoker you can get “smokers cough.” Smokers cough is a recurring cough that has presented itself for more than 2 or 3 weeks. This cough can be dry or wet and is more developed in a long-term smoker. This is because a smokers airways are lined with cilia, which are hair-like cells that are catching the toxins that were being released. These cells jobs are to catch and move the harmful substances out of your body. But when you are smoking you are paralyzing these cells so that they cannot do their job. Toxins then enter the lungs where they become settled and create inflammation in your lungs. Since the toxins have settled it creates a build up of bacteria in your respiratory system which is why the smokers cough happens. This is your body’s natural way of trying to remove the toxins. Although this is a beneficial and healthy way for your body to remove toxins, it cannot remove all of the toxins that have built up over the years and years of smoking.


Halotherapy can help long-term smokers lose their smoker’s cough. Halotherapy and other types of salt therapy can only be most beneficial if the smoker has quit smoking.


Halotherapy or dry salt therapy is a 100% natural and drug-free way to help with a smokers cough. Due to the nicotine that is found in cigarettes, smokers lungs are filled with smoke residue and tar. The lungs are damaged from this length of exposure. Salt therapy can help clean this out of a smoker body. Dry salt that would be inhaled in a salt room can help a smokers cilia recuperate. The cilia will start to work on cleaning out the mucus that is stuck inside the lungs. Along with your recuperating cilia and our dry salt therapy you will be able to kick that smokers cough.

Halotherapy smokers cough - Salt Scene

Halotherapy has been around for centuries but recently has been discovered to help with a smokers cough. In halotherapy, salt is ground into small breathable particles that will enter your body through your mouth, nasal cavity, and your lungs. As the salt lines the deepest part of your lungs it will start to help remove the bacteria and toxins that are also lining your lungs walls. The salt particles that are inhaled inside of the salt room help to reduce the inflammation and bacteria that has built up. Salt rooms and salt therapy can also help widen a smokers airways. This helps to shift the mucus and it also helps to reduce the chance of infection.


Salt therapy is a great way to help reduce the need for medication. It can also help stop the coughing, shortness of breath, and phlegm caused by smoking. As someone who used to smoke it is beneficial to attend salt room therapy sessions continually to make sure that all toxins and bacteria leave your system and help to heal your smokers cough.  Make sure to visit your local halotherapy center to see everything that they can offer you.