5 Ways Halotherapy Can Help With Allergies

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5 Ways Halotherapy Can Help With Allergies

5 Ways Haltotherapy Can Help With Allergies

Dealing with allergies can be hard and uncomfortable. Halotherapy or salt therapy might be the relief that you have been looking for from the constant sneezing, running nose and itchy watery eyes that come with allergies.


Allergies are a negative immune response from an allergen. Allergens can consist of different things like mold, dust, pet dander, animal fur, cold air and even food such as peanuts, seaweed, tomatoes, and eggs.  Those who are hypersensitive to these allergens and interact with them can cause a chemical to release from the body called histamines which would result in the symptoms that allergies have.


Halotherapy or salt therapy is a natural drug-free way to help deal with those pesky allergies. Salt therapy can be a allergies support to the medication that you are already taking. This type of therapy can not only help with the reduction of your allergy symptoms but also with the curing your allergies. There are many different ways that salt therapy can relieve your allergies, like relieves discomfort, antibacterial and promoting adequate airflow and sleep.


Relieves discomfort

Salt therapy can help relieve discomfort from your everyday life. This type of therapy can help with sinusitis or inflamed nasal passages. When your nasal passageways are inflamed it can cause headaches, runny nose, and facial pain. It is caused by the collection of mucus in the nasal passages. Halotherapy can help breakdown the mucus that is blocking your nasal passages and causing them to be inflamed. This would resolve your symptoms.


Reduces Inflammation in the airways

Halotherapy allows for salt and small salt particles to get into your respiratory system. These particles can travel deep due to the humidity of the rooms. When the particles travel deep into your lungs they grab onto the wall of your lungs which helps in the reduction of migration of your inflammatory cells. This will help lower your symptoms.



Many things can trigger your allergies even things such as bacteria in the air. The small salt particles that you inhale at salt therapy help to absorb and reduce the reproduction of bacteria inside your body. Salt therapy through Himalayan salt lamps also helps with this because it will help clear the air of bacteria.


Promotes adequate airflow and sleep

Since the salt particles are in the air during salt therapy it helps break up mucus plugs in your airways. This allows for more breathing space for you. This will help you get better sleep. More air going through your airways help to reduce the number of sleep disturbances you can have due to airborne allergies.


Flushes out triggers for allergy

Like before allergies are caused by things called allergens. Halotherapy or any type of salt therapy is great for clearing out all of the toxins that are in your body that trigger your allergies. Salt therapy can help soothe your airways and it will absorb the bacteria and pathogens that can be found in your system. This helps to lower your immune response which will then lower your symptoms for allergies, acting as an allergies cure.